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    Partial Fractions.
    The section on rational expressions included methods of addition and subtraction of algebraic fractions.

    To find the values of A and B, we substitute […]

  • Under this unit, a student will be able to understand the definition of supply, the law of supply and its determinants plus Elasticity of Supply.
    Meaning of Supply:

    Supply means the quantities that a seller is […]

  • Farm Management: Farm management comprises of two words: ‘farm’ and ‘management’. Literally ‘farm’ means a piece of land where crops and livestock enterprises are taken up under a common management and has specifi […]

  • This Unit or topic will help you understand the following as per the Demand Theory.

    Meaning and Definitions of Demand
    Notes on Demand Function
    Factors determining Individual Demand
     Factors d […]

  • This Unit or topic will help you understand the following as per the Demand Theory.N

    Meaning and Definitions of Demand Notes on Demand FunctionFactors determining Individual Demand Factors determining Market D […]

  • Definition

    Christian religious education is a subject taught academically in the school curriculum in the primary, secondary school and higher learning institutions in Uganda.
    It is a subject that lays […]

  • The production function portrays an input-output relationship. It describes the rate at which resources are transformed into products. There are numerous input-output relationships in agriculture because the rates […]


    Production: The process through which some goods and services called inputs are transformed into other goods called products or
    Production function: A systematic and mathematical expression of the […]

  • The scope of agricultural production economics includes production, distribution, consumption and government activities in relation to agriculture and farm enterprises. To be more specific, the scope of agricu […]

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