The course is designed to provide students with the ability to understand basic concepts of accounting and posting of accounting transactions from primary books to ledgers. Students will also be taught on Preparation and presentation of financial statements and bank reconciliation statements.

This Course covers the following units:

Definition of accounting, types of accounting information, users of accounting information, the basic accounting concepts/conventions, accounting equations, double entry system, journals and ledgers, trial balance, correction of errors and suspense accounts, cashbook(Double, three columnar and petty cash book), end of year adjustments including depreciation and disposal of non current assets, preparation of financial statements, bank reconciliation statements, accounting for nonprofit making organizations (receipts and payments A/C, income and expenditure A/C and balance sheet)

At the end of this course, students will be able to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Understand the basic accounting cycle.
  2. Prepare original books of accounts.
  3. Be able to prepare financial statements.
  4. Reconcile bank statements.


Course Curriculum

Financial statements of non profit making organizations Business Administration FA1FREE 02:00:00
This unit shows how Financial statements of non profit making organizations are prepared and kept.
Bank Reconciliation Statement Business Administration FA1 01:20:00
This unit spells out why A bank Reconciliation Statement is needed. It also teaches the student how to prepare a bank reconciliation statement.
Petty Cash Book Business Administration FA1 02:00:00
This Unit defines what a petty cash book is, its importance and advantages, as well as how to prepare it. It also teaches you how to prepare a three column cash book.
Suspense accounts and error correction Business Administration FA1 01:40:00
This unit teaches you how to deal with suspense accounts and electrification of errors. It also shows you some hints on preparing suspense accounts.
Accounting Journals and Ledgers Business Administration FA1 02:00:00
This unit teaches how and where business transactions are recorded in an accounting system using the Accounting Journals and Ledgers.
Accounting Equation Business Administration FA1 01:00:00
The unit defines what accounting equation is and also shows how a number of typical accounting transactions are recorded within the framework of the accounting equation.
Financial Accounting: Business Administration BUSINESS ACCOUNTING I 01:20:00
This unit defines financial Accounting and also covers the main types of accounting.

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