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LSC S1: PHYSICAL EDUCATION SENIOR ONE Dear esteemed learner,Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity …



Dear esteemed learner,
Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong - John F. Kennedy

What comes to your mind when you read the quote above? The quote could mean different things to different people, but what is certain is that Physical Education (PE) has the potential to make you a complete person in terms of the body, mind and soul.
PE will enhance your social skills. improve your health and body fitness. improve your concentration and performance in the other curricular subjects, and give you the fun you crave for.
PE will further help you develop that hidden talent and maximise your potential.
Who knows? You could become the next Steven Kiprotich, Denis Onyango. Peace Proscovia Drajole, Joshua Cheptegei, Halima Nakaayi or Golola Moses!
Thinking of a career? PE will prepare you for that too. You may officiate a number of matches even before completing school, or mark grounds for a variety of games and earn money. If you choose to specialise in the subject. you have lots of career opportunities to choose from, such as Physical Education teaching,
sports coaching, fitness training and instructing, sports journalism. etc.
This book has been prepared to give you the best learning experience. You will ask questions, consider alternatives, evaluate and analyse various procedures and engage in activities to empower you to come up with tangible products to solve contextualised or even real-life problems.

Activities. These will give you hands-on experience and skills, offer you an opportunity to work with colleagues to solve problems, offer leadership and develop communication skills.
ICT and Physical Education. You cannot run away from ICT in this century. You will use the Internet, record voice notes, take pictures, make Power-point presentations and brochures and capture video clips.
Did You Know! This will give you very useful information. Don't skip it.
Facts and myths. There is a lot believed in society that is actually not true. This section brings you to that reality.
Chapter summary. This summarises the chapter and emphasises the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes, grasped or developed.

Revision questions. You get a chance to master the chapter by trying out a number of questions.
Projects. These entail the many things that you can do during the time designated for the same. They will further help you discover new knowledge and practise the skills for proficiency.
Sample activity of integration. This has tasks for you to do to assess your development of the competency for the chapter.
We trust you will benefit a lot as you use this book and request that you share whatever knowledge, values and skills you acquire as you get exposed to the content therein.

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