This is a Course covering multimedia production techniques exploring how to combine audio, video, text, photos and graphics to tell better stories.


Course Curriculum

MP: Introduction to Multimedia and multimedia story telling FREE 00:00:00
MP: The New Media Thinking FREE 00:00:00
This is a foundation class for the digital journalism and communication training we offer. Many journalists and media practitioners were trained as print, TV, Radio or internet journalists, but multimedia is about telling stories in more than one medium. Many media practitioners still think reaching people with news and information is either through newspaper, TV, Radio or internet. Today people have a lot of digital tools and platforms from which not only to access, but contribute to and share news and information. Why is it important for journalists and media houses to tell stories or to reach out to people in more than one medium on these digital tools and platforms and what platforms are available to enable this? Appreciate the urgent need for change to utilize new media tools to tell multimedia stories.
MP: Elements of good Multimedia story telling FREE 00:57:00
MP: The Multimedia story board FREE 00:55:00
MP: Freely available video editing software FREE 00:50:00
MP: How to shoot and produce good video FREE 01:00:00
MP: Shooting Video for News and Feature Stories FREE 02:00:00
Quickly learn how to shoot video for a story in a way that looks professional and doesn’t require hours of editing to produce a clip.
MP: Basic Video Editing FREE 06:00:00
You can use readily available and cheap software to edit video into nonlinear stories or to highlight clips that support your stories.
MP: Writing Scripts, Doing Voice-overs FREE 00:00:00
The idea of recording audio voice-overs or conducting video stand-ups causes immediate angst for most print journalists. Learn some tricks of the trade to feel normal “on the air.”
MP: Video Journalists tool kit FREE 00:00:00
'Here is a collection of different tools and tutorials journalists can use to produce good quality video Journalism training site for multimedia and online journalists
MP: Digital video storytelling with Movie Maker FREE 06:00:00
MP: Digital Audio Production and Podcasting FREE 00:00:00
MP: Digital photography, photo production and sharing FREE 00:00:00
This tutorial involves Understanding photography and its importance in message communication Getting/buying a good camera Tips for better photography Photo editing softwares Simple tips for editing photos Organising photos Sharing the photos
MP: Data journalism and Visualization FREE 00:00:00
MP: Data Mining Techniques FREE 00:00:00
MP: Multimedia Content Packaging FREE 00:00:00
MP: Tools for multimedia content packaging FREE 00:00:00
MP: Practical tips for you to produce a multimedia story package FREE 00:00:00

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