CAR: Computer aided research and reporting


    Rich new fields of reporting have opened up in the digital era. Electronic record keeping and information dissemination in government, business and civil society mean that journalists can obtain highly detailed data that was never previously available. But this also poses problems. The speed of transmission, combined with ever-growing volumes of information, create huge challenges of information overload and complexity. There are also ethical and legal issues of confidentiality and copyright. Also skills of supporting desk analysis with online surveys are essential for success of communication that drives for impact.


    At the end of the course, learners should be able to:

    • Decide when CAR methods would fit the reporting job in hand
    • Plan personal and group coverage of stories incorporating CAR
    • Find and apply software for CAR
    • Know how to set about gathering and sifting digital data online and offline
    • Apply basic sifting and compilation techniques to extract key insights
    • Write up your findings and insights in the manner of precision journalism
    • Inform and guide others on the appropriate use of CAR
    • Understand tools for online surveys

    Course Curriculum

    CAR: Computer aided research and reporting overviewFREE 08:00:00
    After studying this module, you will be able to: Define computer-assisted reporting and explain how it works; Explain how this concept evolved; Give an overview of the historic development of the technology that led to this genre.
    OJ: Internet Search strategies for Journalists aka Computer Assisted ReportingFREE 00:45:00
    This Unit is about Internet search strategies by Journalsits.
    CAR: Globalism and UgandaFREE 04:00:00
    CAR: Information strategyFREE 08:00:00
    The term information strategy is often misunderstood. For some, it represents a plan for how they will manage their technology resources. For others, it is synonymous with a project plan for their data warehouse or a staffing plan for their business analysis competency center. In reality, these are tactical plans associated with implementing an information strategy, but they are not the information strategy itself.
    CAR: Information collection, production and sharing toolsFREE 08:00:00

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