This Unit is about Religious Wars in Uganda


In 1888, Mwanga wanted to get rid of all foreign religions and followers.

They also organized an attack against Mwanga after realizing his intentions.

Mwanga left Rubaga and went to the shores of Lake Victoria.

His elder brother Kiwewa who had become a Muslim was made the king/Kabaka.

Kiwewa appointed  Nyonyintono as his Katikiiro.

Muslims were not satisfied because  he was a catholic.

Kiwewa was arrested and killed.

Kalema was converted to Islam and made the king.

Mwanga had established a base in Bulingugwe Islands in Lake Victoria.

Kalema was defeated and Mwanga came back to the throne and built a capital at Mengo.

Kalema went to Bunyoro and later attacked Mwanga with the help of Abarusura from Omukama Kabalega.

Mwanga was defeated and went back to Bulingugwe.

Mwanga returned on 10th February 1890


In 1887, Sir William MacKinnon had formed an Association called British East Africa Association.

Its main aim was to promote trade in East Africa main land.

Later in 1888, it was given a charter and it came to be known as “Imperial British East Africa Company.

In 1890 a German Carl Peters came to Uganda and signed a treaty with Kabaka.

Carl Peters founded a company called GEACO/Germany East Africa company.

Why is it correct to say Germany colonized Uganda before the British?

Carl Peters signed an agreement with Mwanga on behalf of Germany.

The IBEACO saw this as a threat, its economic interest.

Captain Fredrick Lugard was immediately sent to Buganda.

He arrived in Buganda as IBEACO’S Imperial British East Africa company.

Representative in 1890

He signed a Partition Treaty in Kabaka Mwanga in 1890.

The treaty had the following provision.

  1. Buganda was not allowed to make any agreement with other countries.
  2. Buganda was to be under the protection of the company (IBEACO)

The officials of the government were to help Kabaka to rule the country.

Missionaries were free to enter Buganda to spread Christianity

Earlier the colonialist came from Europe.

Those who came to Uganda were the British.

The British developed much interests in Uganda because they wanted to take control of the Nile valley.  The British also wanted to control all the countries along the Nile valley.

IBEACO was responsible for maintaining the influence of British in Uganda.

Reasons why IBEACO was formed

i) To promote trade.

ii) To protect the missionaries.

iii)To stop slave trade.

iv) To colonise Uganda.

Reasons why IBEACO collapsed

i) It ran bankrupt.

ii) Shortage of man power.

iii) Constant civil wars.

How did the civil wars affect IBEACO?

It ran bankrupt.

What caused IBEACO to run bankrupt?

  1. A lot of money was spent on civil wars.
  2. A lot of money was spent to pay administrators.

Achievements if IBEACO

  1. It promoted trade in Uganda.
  2. It spread slave trade in Uganda.
  3. It protected missionaries.

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