A community-P.1

This unit is about a group of people working together to achieve an objective

What is a community?

A community is a group of people working together to achieve  certain objectives.

Different people who help us in the community in our community.

These are:

farmers, cobblers, teachers, tailors, builders, nurses, doctors

cooks , carpenters, vendors, drivers, pilots, secretary, guards,

bankers, cyclists, police, cleaners, dentist etc.


Name these people who help us in the community.


Ref: Monitor SST bk. 2 page 42

Activities done by defferent  people in the community.

  • teaching
  • making and reparing shoes
  • sawing clothes
  • farming / growing crops / keeping animals
  • building
  • treating sick people / patients
  • cooking food
  • selling things
  • driving / transporting people and goods
  • flying aeroplanes
  • typing letters and exams
  • protecting people and their property
  • reveiving, keeping and giving out money
  • keeping law and order
  • modling
  • cleaning the environment
  • shaving hair
  • treating and removing teeth etc.

Ref: Monitor SST bk. 2 page 42

People and their places of work.

police – police station

traders – shops

vendors – markets

doctor / nurse – hospital, clinic

teachers – school

carpenter – workshop

barber – saloon

farmer – farm / garden

pilot – airport

cook – kitchen

secretary – office


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