CRE3: Happiness in the Africa Traditional Society

This unit is about how happiness was attained in the church history

(What ATS considered happiness, sources of happiness in ATS, acceptable virtues that bred happiness) 

In traditional Africa, there were virtues that were acceptable in society and achieving them would breed happiness. They include the following.

1. Being close to God, ancestors and spirits. Shrines would be built, sacrifices offered to spirits and ancestors because they knew it was by being in good terms with the divine that they would be happy.

2. Fulfillment of rituals. Religious acts existed among all African societies. They included naming, circumcision, sacrifice etc taking part in them would breed happiness.

3. Initiation ceremonies. Such acts as naming, tattooing, circumcision etc provided passages from one stage of life to another. People who underwent them would be happy.

4. Marriage. The institution of marriage was welcomed both by the married and people in society because if it bore children, it would ensure continuity and expansion of the clan.

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5. Polygamy. The practice of one man having more than one wife was viewed highly both by the family head and society. This was because, the more the wives, the more the children.

6. Bearing children. Africans held with deep respect marriages that had bore children. It would be a sign of blessings from the divine, would act to seal the marriage and expand the clan.

7. Childhood training. Parents, elders and relatives ensured to inculcate children. On passing on this knowledge, both children and the old got happy.

8. Social relationships. People would be happy if in good in friendship with most other society members. People would make blood pacts eg omukago which bred peace and harmony.

9. Community service. Traditional Africans took pride in developing their community through self-help activities eg creating paths, cleaning water sources etc (burungi bwansi)

10. Loyalty to leadership. Revering cultural leaders would make people happy because they believed such were semi divine and could could evoke blessings to people eg in Buganda.

11. Being a mediator. People who had ability to fight bad happenings eg drought, madness etc got happy and made people happy too. These included rain makers, medicine men etc.

12. Fertility of land. Since traditional Africans were mostly cultivators, having fertile ground for crop growing would bring happiness. Having large portions of land to graze, settle made people happy too.

13. Material wealth. A man or family that owned huge material riches like herds of cattle, land, many houses, many women and children would be contented with life. Such riches would be a security.
14. Special accolades. Africans found happiness in being the best ones. Being the best hunter, target shooter, wrestler, parenting twins would make one popular and respected hence happiness.

ASSIGNMENT : CRE3: Hapinness Assignment MARKS : 100  DURATION : 1 week, 3 days

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