CRE3: Success in the Present Situation

Success refers to the achievement of a desired goal. Success is relative ie it’s different from one person to another. Eg In a war, soldiers of one side consider it a success to kill enemy soldiers but a tragedy for the enemy soldiers.


In the modern times, all people work so hard to achieve success. All believe that hard work pains but pays.


(what people consider as success)

In the modern times, most people would consider the following as success.Image result for SUCCESS

1. Closeness to God. if through prayer, fasting etc people get spiritually closer to God, they consider it a success because of gaining a hope of attaining eternal life.

2 Good marriage. Couples who discover that their characters are harmonious make a marriage union that contains respect, love and care which is considered a success.

3 Child bearing. A married couple that get blessed with children is considered successful because children are viewed as a gift from God and as a seal to the marriage.

4 Properly up brought children. Parents who raise up children that are morally upright and loyal consider it a success because such children bring them pride and prestige.

5 Attaining education. In the modern era, getting a good education and excelling at it is a success because it guarantees a bright future a reason why some parents pay a lot of money as fees for their children in good schools.

6  Employment. Getting a highly paying job in a period of rampant unemployment is considered a success since it enables one to acquire basic and luxurious needs.

7 Order and freedom. Achieving a situation where all people are under the law is considered  a success because it ensures justice and respect of human rights resulting into peace.

8 Gender balance. Efforts put into place to achieve equality between men and women by providing them with equal opportunities and treating them fairly are considered a success because all people in front of God are equal.

9 Cultural values. Observance of cultural customs, norms and practices is a success because they boost the sense of belonging, identity and pride to natives.

10 Sustaining human life. Efforts to ensure a longer and healthy life in the population are such as discovering drugs that cure diseases, campaigns to reduce death rates etc are a form of success.

11 Material wealth. Acquiring riches through the right channels is a success. Having things like posh cars, mansions, technology gadgets is a sign of hard work.

12 Economic development. When a country gets the capacity to provide a good quality and a large quantity of social services eg schools, hospitals etc to it’s people, it’s known as economic development which is a success.

13. Good governance.  A country with a vibrant democracy brought by good leaders is successful. It has a favourable political climate that enables people’s enjoyment of freedoms and rights.

14. Good harvests. Farming communities put a lot of time and hard work tilling their farms and when a large amount of output is realised it’s a success because it creates food security.

FAILURES AND HINDRANCES TO SUCCESS TODAY. (how and why some people fail to achieve success)

The following are negative situations that are in society that make it difficult for people to fully be successful. They are also failures in people’s lives.

1 Family neglect. Some parents due to the nature of their jobs spare less time for their families. This denies such families parental love and care that would make them happy.

2 Marital unfaithfulness. Married couples sometimes violate the marital vows they made of staying faithful and instead engage in adultery which lessens the opportunity for a successful marriage.

3 Gender inequality. Women are denied equal opportunities in education, at work etc and are mistreated by males which hinders their efforts succeed in their lives.

4 Child abuse. Children’s rights have been denied due to orphanage, and irresponsible parenthood. This has denied these little ones the chance to grow up normally, making their future miserable.

5 Rape. Some heartless men force women into sex which destroys their confidence, infecting them with diseases such as AIDS hence denying them a chance to successfully live a healthy confident life.

6 Abortion. Young girls who decide to terminate the lives of their unborn children hinder the latter from having a a successful life on Earth.

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7 Commercialized justice. The rich that have money decide to influence court rulings in their favour through bribing judges and hiring lawyers. This denies the poor of a chance to have a good fair hearing.

8. Graft. Some public officials divert monies meant for delivery of services to the common man for their own benefit due to greed. This denies the grassroot people of a successful healthy life.

9. Discrimination. Some people are given opportunities even when not qualified for them simply due their tribe, clan or language group due to selfishness. The sidelined people suffer miserably.

10. Bullying. New students in secondary schools are mistreated by the continuing ones due to false subcultures which however denies some students of a free and happy learning environment.

11. Unemployment. Due to poor government planning and a rapid population increase there’s rampant joblessness which has denied people of the chance to earn basic and secondary life needs.

12. Poor quality of work. Some employers in an effort to maximize profits provide very poor work conditions and terms for employees which hinders their effort to achieve their set goals.

14. Civil Wars. Some people decide to settle their grievances through the use arms instead of peaceful means. People’s lives are shattered, lost, property destroyed which deprives them of life of peace and freedom.



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