CRE4: Man’s Evasion of God in the Church History

This unit explains how people during the early church history evaded God.


1. Presenting God as a cruel and harsh being bent majorly on punishing people yet God is loving and kind.

2. Spiritual rivalry among Christians in Corinth, between those that had received gifts of healing, speaking in tongues etc and those that hadn’t.

3. Disunity among different groups of early Christians which weakened them and exposed a bad example to non Christians.

Image result for tithe4. Over emphasizing the practice of church rituals such as reciting the rosary, tithing without knowing their spiritual importance.

5. Paying more attention to the beauty of church hymn melodies than concentrating on the message they carried.

6. Engaging in immoral practices such as incest, and adultery which was against the Bible teachings but also painted a bad image for the faith.

7. Emphasizing payment of indulgences in the form of money, gifts, long prayers fasting etc for people’s forgiveness and going to heaven which portrayed God’s grace as having to be paid for.

8. Neglecting women in church affairs especially by denying them leadership positions which portrayed God as biased against women.

9. Denial of children from the church and it’s service yet it was Jesus’ preference that children be drawn closer to him.

10. Retaining evil cultural customary practices by especially new African converts such as polygamy, spiritualism, initiation rites which conflicted with Christianity.

11. Paying greater attention to building good looking decorated churches than minding about the salvation of their souls.

12. Engaging in ownership and mistreatment of slaves in doing their manual work which was inhumane, and ungodly.

13. Collusion with brutal colonialists as missionaries eased their work by providing maps and other information. This portrayed Christianity as a religion that brought suffering.

14. Some engaged in greed for material wealth aiming at self enrichment by over engaging in worldly work and embezzlement of funds.


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