CRE4: Man’s Quest for God; Present Situation

This unit is about Man's quest for God and ways through which people search for God in the present situation.

Quest refers to search for and thus man’s quest for God refers to man’s search of God. Different people search for God in different ways and with different determination depending on their upbringing, experiences.

FACTORS THAT COMPEL MAN TO SEARCH FOR GOD. (Why Christians search for God, unique characteristics of God that make people search for Him etc)

Image result for quest for GodThe Way of searching for God among humans is referred to as religion. The following are God’s remarkable characteristics that make man eager to search for Him.

1. He bears divine authority over all, that enables Him do as He will. People search for Him so as to get their needs through this kind of authority.

2. He is omnipotent in that He is all powerful. Thus man searches for His power against powerful calamities e.g earthquakes, epidemics etc

3. He is omniscient in that He is all knowing. Man searches for Him thus in order to acquire divine guidance and to be wise as well.

4. God is omnipresent meaning He is present everywhere at the same time. Thus man searches for Him for guidance in strange places and situations.

5. God is transcendent in that He is extremely great, and goes beyond anyone’s understanding. Thus they search to understand Him more.

6. God is Eminent (very close) to His people especially in times of trouble. They thus search for His continued presence in their lives.

7. God is Holy and thus can’t be associated with and hates sin. People thus search for His forgiveness in case they’ve erred.

8. God is loving, with gracious agape love toward His people. Thus people are attracted to His search by this unconditional love.

9. He is impartial ie He treats all people as one. That’s why all people well-off and the disadvantaged search for His equal treatment.

10. He is Eternal ie He has no beginning or end, and does not die and thus people look for Him for everlasting life.

11. God is all seeing and there’s no place out of His eyes’ reach. People thus search for Him for guidance into what they might not see with their eyes.

12. He is all hearing, even to the lowest of voices. Therefore, people of all languages long to talk to Him who listens to even unsaid words.

13. God is all perfect in everything good eg in love, beauty, justice etc. People search for God to share in these perfections.

14. God is gracious ie He does good things to people even when they don’t deserve them. Thus, people find the final refuge in Him even if they aren’t perfect.



1. Accepting Jesus Christ as their savior and provider of eternal life since He said He’s the only way to the Father.

2. Confessing and repenting of their sins and adopting righteousness especially common with Pentecostal Christians (balokole)

3. Getting baptized as a physical symbol of commitment to the Christian faith.

4. Spreading the gospel using all forms and media to turn more souls to God and hence be rewarded with eternal life.

5. Engaging in Bible study sessions aiming at understanding more of God’s nature and will.

6. Obeying the workings of the Holy Spirit leading to promotion of spiritual work such as casting demons etc.Image result for quest for God

7. Engaging in a praise and worship through songs and hymns to express loyalty to Him.

8. Leaving prayerful lives to constantly be guided in God’s ways and stay hopeful.

9. Fasting regularly to show sacrifice and commitment for example during lent.

10. Sharing in the Eucharist, remembering Jesus’ sacrificed body and spilled blood to save mankind.

11. Paying the tithe in Church, the act of sacrificing a tenth of one’s earnings which shows commitment to God’s ways.

12. Engaging in fellowships where they gather to worship, praise and share experiences to win God’s favour.

13. Engaging in charity, helping the disadvantaged to get God’s blessings.

14. Forgiving others who wrong them in order for God to forgive them too.

ASSIGNMENT : CRE4: Man’s Quest for God Assignment MARKS : 50  DURATION : 5 days

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