Drainage System

This Unit is about Drainage and mainly for Lakes.

Drainage System


What is a Lake?

  • A lake is a big depression filled with water on the earth surface.

Types of Lakes

  • Depression / Down warped lake

(ii)        Rift valley lakes.

(iii)       Man made lakes.

(iv)       Crater lakes.

(v)        Ox-bow lakes.

(vi)       Lava dammed lakes.

Depression Lakes.

These are lakes which were formed as a result of down warping.

Examples of depression lakes or lakes formed as a result of down warping

(i)         Lake Victoria                          (vi)       Lake Kachira

(ii)        Lake Kyoga                            (vii)      Lake Mburo

(iii)       Lake Opeta

(iv)       Lake Bisina

(v)       Lake Kwania

(viii)     L Wamala

Characteristics of depression lakes

(i)         They are shallow.

(ii)        They are wide

(iii)       They have fresh water

(iv)      They have both inlets and outlets.

(v)       They have an irregular shape

Give one reason why depression lakes have fresh water

  • They have both inlets and outlets.

How was Lake Victoria formed?

  • It was formed as a result of down warping.

Lake Victoria

  • It is the largest lake (Fresh water lake) in Uganda, East Africa and Africa.
  • It is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.  Its traditional name is Nyanza (For Kenya and Tanzania) and Nalubaale in Uganda.
  • It was named by a British explorer called John Hannington Speke after the queen of England called Victoria at the time of his coming to Uganda.
  • It has many islands e.g. Ssese Island, Bugala, Kome which form the present Kalangala District.

Name the Island district found in Lake Victoria

  • It is Kalangala district
  • ii) Buvuma

Name the major economic activities carried out by the people of Kalangala





v)charcoal burning

Problems faced by people of Kalangala


(ii)There is easy spread of water borne diseases.

(iii) Shortage of electricity.

(iv)Poor infrastructure

(v) illiteracy


Give the main product got from oil palm in Kalangala

  • Cooking oil

Other products got from Oil palm



How will the people of Kalangala benefit from oil palm growing?

(i)It  creates chances of employment.

(iiIt is a source of income or foreign exchange.

(iii)It will lead to the development of infrastructure.

How is Kalangala economically important to Uganda?

(i) Fishing takes place.

(ii) Attracts tourists.

(iii)  There is oil palm growing.

(iv) There is a lot of Lumbering

How importance of Lake Victoria towards the industrial development

(i)Provide fish to  fish processing  industries.

(ii)Provides water to industries for cooling machines.

It is used in transporting the finished goods

Why does Kalangala receive convectional rainfall?

(i) It is surrounded by l Victoria

(ii) It has thick forests.

How does Lake Victoria promote trade?

It provides water transport.   It provides fish


(i)Port Bukoba

(ii)Port Musoma                      (vi)Port Bukakata

(iii)Port Jinja                (vii)Entebbe

(iv)Port Bell

vi) Port Mwanza                        ix   Port Kisumu

Diagram  showing ports on lake Victoria.

ports on lake victoria

Why are there many people on the shores of Lake Victoria

(i)         There is favourable climate for farming..

(ii)        Presence of fertile soils for farming.

( iii)     Provides job opportunities to people.eg fishermen, captains,sailors

Problems faced by fishermen in Uganda

(i)         Poor transport system.

(ii)        Poor storage facilities.

(iii)       Poor methods of preserving fish.

(iv)       Presence of the water hyacinth.

(v)        Presence of dangerous marine animals.

Give the importance of inland ports of Uganda .

(i)         They handle Uganda’s imports and exports.

(ii)         They provide employment to people.

Give problem caused by water hyacinth

(i)         It kills fish.

(ii)        It makes transport difficult.

(iii)       It destroys fishing nets.

Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth is a major problem on Lake Victoria

Give ways of destroying the water Hyacinth

(i)          Using beetles (biological method)

(i)         Using machines to remove it.

(ii)        By hand picking of the water hyacinth.

Importance of water hyacinth to people

(i)         It can be used to make crafts

(ii)       It can be used to make animal feeds.

(iii)      It can be used to make manure.

Lake Kyoga

(i)         It has fresh water. (It is a fresh water lake).

(ii)        It was formed by down warping.

(iii)       It is the most swampy lake in Uganda.

(iv)      It is connected to Lake Albert by Victoria Nile

(V)       It is found in the centre of Uganda.

What is the major tourist attraction found at Kazinga Channel?


Activities carried out on Kazinga Channel

(i)         Tourism.

(ii)        Transport.

(iii)       Fishing

Lake Albert

Its traditional name is Mwitanzigye.

It was named Albert by Sir Samuel Baker.

It has a famous Port known as Port Butiaba

Reasons why Port Butiaba was built

(i)         To link Uganda to Democratic Republic of Congo.

(ii)        To promote transport.

(iii)       To handle Uganda imports and exports.

Activities carried out on Port Butiaba

(i)         Trade                           (iv)       Fishing

(ii)        Transport                     (v)        Fish processing

(iii)       Tourism

Lake Mburo

It is found in Kiruhura district.

Parts of Lake Mburo is a national game park.

Importance of lake Mburo to Uganda’s economy

(i).       Creates chances of employment.

(ii)        It earns foreign exchange through tourism/fishing.

(iii)      resence of dangerous marine animals (Crocodiles)

(vi)      Poor fishing equipment.

(vii)     Shortage of capital.

(viii)    industrial use.

How do lakes influence the climate of an area?

They help in the formation of rainfall.

Crater lakes

A crater lake is a hollow or depression filled with water on top of an extinct volcano.

Name a crater lake in Uganda

Lake Katwe,L Bunyonyi,L Nyamunuka, L Nyakasura.

Lava dammed lakes

These are lakes formed when lava blocks the river course.

Examples include

Lake Mutanda (Kisoro district),Lake Edward.

Ox-bow lakes

These lakes were formed as a result of river meandering.

Man made lakes

These were formed as a result of human activities like dam construction.

Example of man made lake in Uganda is Kabakas lake Lake Nasser in Egypt.



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