C.R.E/P/5: FAITH (Gen. 12: 1-6)

This unit is about Faith and the Call of Abraham.

FAITH  (Gen. 12: 1-6)

The meaning of the term faith

The term faith means to have a strong religious         belief.

The term faith also refers having a strong belief in a particular religion.

Some examples of people who had great faith found in the Bible

(a)        Abraham

(b)        Moses

(c)        Daniel

(d)     Mary the mother of Jesus

(e)        Noah

(f)        David

(g)     Stephen, etc.

Importance of faith among Christians

Faith enables us to:

(i)        Do great things

(ii)        Have hope

(iii)       Be courageous

(iv)    Be trustworthy

(v)       To fulfill promises

(vi)      To be patient

(vii)     To be obedient

(viii)    To believe without seeing.


There are certain individuals in the Bible who went to unknown lands on the instructions of God. This means that such people had a lot faith in God for guidance and protection.

Examples of people who went to unknown lands on God’s instructions include:

(a)      Abraham

(b)       Jonah


  1. The father of Abraham was Terah.
  2. Terah and his family lived in Ur and later moved and settled at Haran.
  3. Terah the father of Abraham was a shepherd.
  4. Abraham’s first name was Abraham and his wife was Sarah whose first name was Sarai
  5. God called  Abraham  and  told  him  to  go  and settle in the land He would show him.
  6. Later Abraham and his family went and settled in Canaan under God’s instructions.
  7. NB: Abraham and his family left their home town Haran and went to Canaan.
  8. When Abraham was 100 years and Sarah 80, God rewarded them a baby boy, called Isaac.
  9. Sometime later, God tested Abraham’s faith. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac!
  10. Abraham accepted God’s request but as he was about to cut /sacrifice his son Isaac! An Angel of God told him not to do it.
  11. God provided a ram (male sheep) to Abraham that the sacrifice instead of his son Isaac.
  12. Since that day, Abraham became the father of all believers and his wife Sarah became the mother of all believers.



What is a covenant?

A covenant is an agreement/promise between God and his people.

God’s promises to Abraham included:

(a)        God promised Abraham to have so many descendants.

(b)        God promised to have Abraham’s name famous.

(c)     God promised to bless those that blessed Abraham.

(d)     God promised to curse those who cursed Abraham.

What lessons do we learn from the story of Abraham?

(a)    We must trust God’s promises.

(b)    We must be patient as we wait for God’s plan in our lives.

(c)      We should know that God knows what is good  for us.

(d)    We learn that God is always caring for us.

How did a good Christian strengthen his faith in God?

  1. i) By reading the bible.
  2. ii) By praying, through prayers.

iii)     By fasting, through fasting.

ASSIGNMENT : FAITH (Gen. 12: 1-6) P.5 assignment MARKS : 10  DURATION : 5 days

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