This Unit is about Game parks and reserves in Uganda.


What is a game park?

Game parks are areas of land set aside for the conservation of wild animals. Many game reserves are located in Africa. Most are open to the public, and tourists commonly take sightseeing safaris.

Give  reasons why there are many game parks in savanna vegetation

  1. There is plenty of pasture.
  2. It is a habitat (home) for wild animals.


Are the wild animals and plants in the natural stable state.

They include flora and fauna.

Flora are plants.

Fauna are animals.


Give the meaning of the following terms.

Cannivors animals

Are animals that feed on flesh.

  1. Lions
  2. Leopards
  3. Tigers
  4. hyenas

Omnivorous Animals that feed on both plants and flesh.

Herbivorous Is an animal which feeds on vegetation, grass or pasture.

Habitat Is an area where an animal or plant live and find food, shelter and water.

Predators Is an animal which lives by killing others for food.

Endanger species Is an animal in danger of being removed in existence  by diseases, people, predation.

Poaching Is the illegal hunting of animals in game parks

Pollution Harmful materials added to the air and land making it dirty.

Need of wild animals

i) They need pasture.

ii) They provide water.

iii)They need shelter.

iv) They need favorable climate.

Examples of Herbivorous


Advantages of game parks

i) It is a tourist attraction centre.

ii) Provide chances of employment.

iii)Preserve wildlife for future generation.

iii)For study purposes.

v) It is used for foreign exchange.

Problems faced by animals in game parks

i) There is poaching.

ii) Long drought seasons.

iii)Shortage of pasture and water..

v) Outbreak of animal diseases.

vi) Insecurity in some areas.


Is an area where wildlife is protected by law but it is smaller than a national park.

In a game reserve permission can be given for hunting but in a game park no hunting is allowed.

The largest national park in Uganda is Murchison Falls.




These include:

  1. Game parks.
  2. Historical sites.
  3. Cultural sites.
  4. Kasubi tombs.
  5. Uganda museum

What is Tourism

This is the business providing services like accommodation, entertainment to tourists visiting a place for pleasure.

Why is tourism referred to as an industry?

  1. It creates chances of employment.
  2. It is a source of income.

Importance of tourism industry

  1. It is the source of income.
  2. It creates chances of employment.
  3. Attracts tourists.
  4. Preserve wildlife for future generations.

How do tourism industries provide employment

  1. People work as game ranges.
  2. People work as drivers.
  3. People work as game wardens.
  4. Those who work in hotels.

In which way does the building of hotels promote the tourism industry in Uganda?

i) Provide accommodation services to the tourists.

ii) Provide transport to tourists.

In which way does building of roads promote tourism in Uganda ?

It eases the movement of tourists.

Why do you think a tourist who moves to Uganda is given a map of Uganda?

  1. To locate tourist attraction centres.
  2. To identify the tourist attraction centres.

In which way does security promote tourism

Provided safety to tourists.

Name the ministry responsible for wildlife

The Ministry of Tourism and wildlife.

Why do you think that people are not allowed to hunt for animals in a game park

  1. It reduces the number of wild animals in game parks,.
  2. To preserve wildlife for future generation.
  3. To preserve wildlife for research.

Give reasons why people hunt for wild animals

  1. To get meat.
  2. To get ivory.
  3. To get hides and skins.

Why do tourists like to visit forest areas of Uganda?

i) To enjoy seeing forest wildlife.

ii) For adventure.

iii)For study purposes.

What is Bwindi National Park famous for?

It is famous for Mt Gorillas.

Why do tourist like visiting lakes and rivers?

  1. To enjoy cool climate.
  2. To enjoy water, wild animals.
  3. For study purposes.
  4. For adventure.

Why is the government of Uganda discouraging poaching in game parks?

  • It reduces wild animals in the game parks.
  • To preserve wildlife.

Give four problems faced by tourism industry

  1. Poor transport and communication system.
  2. Insecurity in some areas.
  3. Shortage of accommodation.
  4.  Diseases affect the animals
  5. There is poaching.

Ways in which the government can improve on tourism industry.

i) Improve on security.

ii) Improve on hotel accommodation.

iii)Combat poaching.

iv) Introduce more animal species.

v) Protect the existing game park

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