Christian Religious Education, Primary Six

THEME: God Created me


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  • I am a unique person
  • Things that make a person to be unique
  • God has made each of us different by an equally important part of his body.
  • God gave us a heart.
  • God gave us knowledge which help us to understand and decide the wrong and right things.
  • God gave us talents. A talent is a special gift from God. These talents are to be used properly to serve God. i.e. Singing hymns, Performing Plays which deliver good news, making craft which can be put in worshipping centres.

Love: it can make us co-operate as Christians to share the word of God, help one another and to be sympathetic to others.

Strength: It means power to do work and to serve God.

Strength can help Christians to build worshipping places, help others and to preach the word of God.

Weakness: This means being unable to do something. It is good as a Christian to identify your weakness and seek help, identify others’ weaknesses and advise them in relation to God (Cor.12:14-21).

God Created Me

Our Senses

Senses are the five powers your body uses to get information about the world around you.


Hearing: This sense enables Christians to listen carefully to whatever is talked about, understanding it and to do what God wants them to do. E.g. when you go to church, listens to God’s words attentively and follow what God wants you to do.

Tasting: We taste things by the use of the tongue. We should only taste what God wants us to taste. Christians should not taste alcohol because the Bible condemns it. Christians should not taste or smoke drugs e.g. Cigarettes, Cocaine etc.

A Christian’s body is regarded as God’s temple and should be kept clean.

Seeing: This refers to the use of eyes to watch things. (Christians should not watch things which distance them from God. i.e. Pornographic movies, witch craft materials and even participating in it.

Touching: The use pf hands to hold something. God gave us hands to use them to serve him. Christians should not use their hands to steal, murder, torture, fight or insult others.

Smelling: The use of the nose is to feel something. God gave us the nose for breathing. Christians should not use their noses for taking drugs and decorating them for attraction.


God created boys and girls differently with equal dignity

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Responsibilities for girls

  • To help their mothers in doing Kitchen work i.e. Peeling or preparing meals at home.
  • To nature the young ones like their mothers.
  • To serve food in absence of the mother.

Responsibilities of Boys

  • To take care of animals at home.
  • To help the father in fulfilling some domestic work.
  • They contribute to the security of the family.

Similar Responsibilities for boys and girls (children)

  • To maintain general cleanliness of the home.
  • To take care of the home properly.
  • To take the young ones to church.
  • Enforcing discipline among the young brothers and sisters.
  • Helping parents in doing house work.

Roles of a father

Building the home

Providing security to the family

Leading the family In a Godly way.

Roles of a mother

  • To nature the children
  • To prepare meals for the family.
  • To wash clothes of the family.
  • To serve meals at home.

Roles of father and mother (parents)

  • Enforcing discipline among the children
  • Paying school fees.
  • Providing meals /food to the family.
  • Providing medical care to the family.
  • Protecting children and family property.


Human qualities are essential values expected in a person.

Qualities of a good Child.

He/she should be;

  • Obedient to parents and community.
  • Disciplined
  • Trustworthy
  • God fearing
  • Hardworking

Qualities of a good parent

  • He/she should be caring /responsible
  • He/she should be hardworking.
  • He/she should teach children about God.
  • He/she should be loving.
  • He/she should be exemplary


The word companion means a friend or anybody who you live and share with.

Qualities of a good friend (companion)

Related imageA good companion should be;

  • Helpful
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Able to share
  • Able to advise and guide
  • Sympathetic
  • God fearing
  • Empathetic
  • Able to forgive and forget.


A gift is a special item or thing given to someone as an appreciation. The gift can either be physical or spiritual.

The physical gifts are;

Mouth: Speaks gently to other people.

Eyes: To see, identify and communicate.

Ears: Help us to listen to people in trouble.

Hands: Help to assist people in need.

Legs: To help us move to scr…..others and spread God’s word.

Tongue: Enables us to speak out meaningful things.

Heart: Enables to keep our bodies functional.


Emotions: Help us to control our tempers and be helpful to others.

Love: Help us to keep peace and harmony.

Talents: help us to glorify God.

Life: Enables us to live and serve God.

Mind: Help us to think, understand, reason, plan choose to do or not to do.


Work is something we do daily in order to satisfy our needs.

Work enables man to get food.

Examples of work

  • Farming Transport and communication
  • Teaching
  • Building
  • Trading
  • Fishing
  • Carpentry

Values /importance of work

  • To get money
  • In order to earn a living
  • To serve others
  • To create or make things.
  • To care for God’s creation.


Genesis 2:4-9,15

Note that every living creature does some work.

God himself worked by creating the universe and told Adam to work for food he was to eat.

God gave us different gifts to enable us work and live happily in the world.

Jesus helped his father in Carpentry and his mother in pottery thereby embracing work.


I meet suffering

Suffering refers to a state of being unhappy and in pain.

Suffering in the world began after Adam and Eve had disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden.

Causes of suffering

Sin that is caused by;

  • Adultery
  • Theft
  • Murder
  • Disobedience
  • Accidents which can lead to suffering and death
  • Civil wars
  • Loss of parents
  • Drought and floods leading to famine
  • Fire

Examples of Suffering

  • Diseases
  • Hunger and starvation
  • Death
  • Stress and worries Poverty
  • Failing exams

People who can help us out of suffering;

  • Health workers
  • Parents counselors
  • Religious leaders


A good Samaritan is a person who gives voluntary services to people in need.

The Samaritan gave first aid to the accident victim; he took him to an inn (hospital) for the treatment. (Luke 10:30-35)

Jesus also did voluntary work by;

  • Preaching Good news
  • Caring for the sick (healing)
  • Raising the dead
  • Solving people’s problems
  • He died for sinners (greatest service to us) Mathew 9:18-38

Examples of voluntary activities offered at school

  • Sweeping the compound and classrooms
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Taking care of school properly
  • Reporting indiscipline cases.
  • Caring for the sick.
  • Collecting books for marking.


Voluntary services can help churches to grow.

In the church, voluntary services include the following;

  • Cleaning the compound
  • Building the church
  • Providing furniture to church
  • Directing people where to sit (church wardens)
  • Singing during church services
  • Reading the Bible
  • Collecting offerings.

The church also provides voluntary services to people. They include;

  • Offering sacraments
  • Caring for orphans and widows
  • Caring for the homeless.
  • Comforting people who have lost their loved ones.
  • Offering relief supplies to disaster victims.

Note: The church offers the above services by using money got from: free offerings by Christians, donations and church projects. (Samuel 2:18-20)


  • A redeemer is a person who saves us from sin.
  • Jesus was sent to the world to save mankind from sin. He was the redeemer.
  • Sin came into the world after the disobedience of Adam and Eve.
  • Jesus redeemed us by dieing for our sins on the cross.

Prophet Isaiah proclaimed (fore told) the coming of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

Prophet John the Baptist Preached about preparation for the Messiah in the New Testament.


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