This unit is about Living in the Spirit of love.It states what love is,Biblical teachings on love,marriage and what is expected in marriage etc.

Marriage (Genesis 2:18, Matt 19:4)

Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife.

Why marriage is a social institution:

Unites different families, clans, tribes and other races.

Types of marriage

  • Religions marriage
  • The marriage is conducted either in church or mosque.
  • The marriage is performed by a religious leader.
  • It is called Holy Matrimony in Christianity

In bad and good times, poverty and riches, sickness and health only death that will separate us

 What the couple does in church

  • Exchanging promises (VOWS)
  • Signing marriage certificate
  • Exchanging rings.

Customary marriage

  • Marriage is performed according to the traditional customs.
  • It involves payment of the bride price.

Bride price

Money and property in some societies that husband must pay to his wife’s family


  • Short that marriage has been recognize.

Civil Marriage

  • The marriage performed by the government official.
  • In Uganda its performed by chief administration officers (CAO)

PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE (MATTHEW 19:4, GEN 1:27-28, GEN 2:18-25)

  • For company
  • To produce children
  • For sexual pleasure
  • For respect.


  • Every man should have one wife and every woman and husband.
  • A man should fulfill his duty as a husband and a woman should fulfill her duties as a wife.
  • A husband is a master to his wife’s body and a wife too is a master of her husband’s body.
  • In Holy Matrimony, divorce is not allowed to marry when fails to control his or her sexual desires.

Bible laws on love (Matt. 19:3-6)

  • Love is the basis of unity between husband and wife.
  • Husband has to love his wife and the wife has to love her husband.

Biblical teaching on laws (Ex 20:14)

  • Do not committee adultery
  • Committing adultery is a sin.

Biblical laws on /teaching on divorce

  • Divorce is not accepted.

Qualities of a good marriage partner

  • Should have a good family background.
  • Should be faithful.
  • Should have true love.
  • Should have good health.
  • Should be obedient
  • Should be hard working.
  • Should be trustworthy.
  • Should be educated.
  • Should be good looking.

Common marriage problems

  • Quarrels
  • Fights
  • Lack o respect for one another
  • Lack of trust
  • Neglect of children.

Love (Mark 12:31, Icor 13:4-7)

True love has the following meaning according to Paul.

  • Love is patient
  • Love is faithful
  • Love is enduring / persistence.
  • Love is hopeful.
  • Love is kind.
  • Love is everlasting.

What love is not?

  • Love is jealous.
  • Love is not ill mannered.
  • Love is not unforgiving.
  • Love is not proud.
  • Love is not selfish.

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