LS: What equipment to choose for LIVE streaming

Preparing you

You know where you want to stream to, so now you need to choose and prepare how you’ll achieve that. In other words, you need to decide whether you’re going to be streaming using a computer, mobile device, or both.

Keep in mind where you want to stream to (for example, if you’re streaming on Twitter, you’ll have to use your mobile device) and weigh up the options below to make your choice.

Mobile devices allow movement

The obvious advantage of streaming with a mobile device is that it allows you to move around as you broadcast. This is great for giving a behind-the-scenes look at your office or company, or showing off a process which takes part in different locations (like manufacturing a product).

live streaming - mobile streaming

Mobile streaming can also convey a more casual atmosphere to your audience, encouraging them to speak up and interact with you. By stripping back the tech you can use, you’re humanizing yourself even further.

However, it’s almost impossible to effectively walk your viewers through using a piece of software (eg, showing a feature of your own product). Depending on your internet connection (wifi strength and reach vs 3G/4G) you may also be forced to broadcast at a lower quality than on a desktop, so bear that in mind.

Computers provide higher quality and detailed streams

In terms of pure processing power and access to tools like screen sharing software, broadcasting on a computer will usually result in a higher quality video. As you’d expect, however, doing so greatly limits your movement while live.

The higher quality and fixed position also tend to convey a more professional feel to your viewers. This may discourage some audience participation, but provides a greater association of quality production with you and your brand.

live streaming - desktop live stream

Mix-and-match to get the best of both

There’s nothing stopping you from using both platforms depending on the situation. Sometimes the choice will be forced, such as having to use a mobile for Twitter, but variety is the spice of life.

For more professional content (especially anything you want to repurpose) use a computer. The added quality and reliability from heftier tech is best suited to content you want to reuse and rank in Google.

For more casual audience interaction and engagement, consider broadcasting from a mobile device. They’re easier to use, meaning less setup time, and allow for a more personal feel to build relationships with your viewers.

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