This unit is about the basic resources in our community which include - Water, Time, Money, Food, Fuel



– A resource is something which can be used to achieve an aim.

– A resource is something used for a certain purpose


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Examples of basic resources– Water

– Time

– Money

– Food

– Fuel i.e. firewood and charcoal


Sources of water.

– A source is where something begins from e.g. a river.

– We have both natural and artificial sources of water.

Natural sources:

– Natural sources are God made sources of water.

– Examples of natural sources of water


(i) Lakes

(ii) Oceans

(iii) Streams

(iv) Rivers

(v) Swamps

(vi) Rainfall


– Rainfall is the main natural source of water.

Artificial sources of water

These are man-made sources of water.

Examples of artificial sources of water.


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– Bore holes

– Ponds

– Dams

– WellsR

Water harvesters

– Tanks

– Drums

– Jerrycans

– Pots

– Basins

– Buckets

Use of water

– Domestic uses of water

– Water is used for cooking

– We use water for drinking’

– It is used for bathing

– It is used for bathing

– We use water for mopping houses.

– It is used for feeding animals

– It is used f or watering

– Ii is used for mixing some building materials e.g sand, cement , concrete


There are two seasons in Uganda

(i) Wet season

(ii) Dry season

– A wet season is when we get enough rainfall.

Activities done in the wet season.

– Harvesting

– Planting

– Weeding

– Pruning

– Thinning

Too much rainfall causes floods.

A dry season is when we get enough sunshine.

Activities done in the dry season.

– Harvesting ready crops

– Clearing land

– Watering/irrigating crops

– Drying seeds

– Storing seeds

Dry seeds are stored in a granary or a silo.


Too much sunshine causes drought.Other uses of water– Water is used for transport- Water is used in industries to cool the machines and wash them.- Water is used for recreation activities e.g swimming, boat racing, rafting- Water is used f or irrigationTIMET
ime is the length of a periodIt helps us to accomplish tasks.SEASONS

Money is a means of paying for things in form of coins and bank notes.Money is a medium of exchange
Examples of currency– Uganda – shillings- Kenya – shillings- America – Dollars- Tanzania – Tanzania shillings
What is banking?- Banking is a system of keeping money safely.
Examples of banks in Uganda.
– Bank of Uganda or Central Bank B.O.U- Stanbic Bank- Crane Bank- Barclays Bank- DFCU Bank- Bank of Baroda- Post bank, etcUses of Banks– To keep money safely- To give loans to people- To keep important documents e.g land titles, wills, etc- For employment
Saving:– Saving means to store money for future use.
Ways of saving
– In the bank- In a wooden or metallic box.Why do we save?– For future use- For meeting our needs- Improving standard of living- Avoiding wastage
What are records?- A record is a written document which is kept and can be used in future.- A record is a written document for future use.
Examples of records
– Birth certificates- Registers- Marklists- Immunisation cards- Baptism cards- Marriage certificates wills- Death certificates
Uses of certificates
– For future use- For references- For evidence- For informationActivity:Telling and retelling a story in relation to saving money.
Spending resources:
Spending is using of money to pay for goods and services.
Things we use to spend money one.


– Food

– Clothes

– Transport

– Education

– Healthy

– Communication

– Wedding and introductions


Ways of spending wisely.


– To reach an agreement by discussion.

Comparing quality

– Looking at how somethings are similar and different from others.

Comparing prices:

Looking at different prices of goods and services.

Role playing/story telling/simple dialogue


What is a project?

– A project is a piece of work hat is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.

– It is also an activity carried out in order to get knowledge, skills and money.

Examples of projects.

– Bee keeping

– Poultry keeping

– Drama group

– Tree planting

– Piggery

– Fish farming, etc

Preparing for a project:

Things needed to start up a project.

– Money

– Time

– Space/skills

– Record keeping

– Commitment

– Checking or supervision


What is peace?

– Peace is living in a friendly and calm atmosphere with one another.

Ways of living in peace with one another.

– Observing rules and regulation

– Respecting each other

– Recognizing and respecting differences between people e.g blind, deaf, dumb, ec.

– Participating in work

– Sharing with one another

Importance of living in peace.

– Promoting peace

– Promotes development i.e education, transport , transport, business, etc

– Improves on the standards of living

– Promotes tourism

Our class rules

– Always pay attention to the teacher

– Keep the class in order

– Keep the classroom in order

– Report wrong doers to the teacher

Importance of rules and regulation

– Rules promotes discipline

– Rules promotes respect

– Rules promote peace

– Rules reduce accidents

– Rules promote unity


Who is a child?

– A child is a person who is below under 18 years of age according to Ugandan law.

What are children’s rights

– These are the natural freedom of a child.

What is child abuse?

– Child abuse is the denying of a child his or her rights.

Acts of child abuse:


– Beating

– Child battering

– Denying children food

– Child labour

– Child sacrifice

– Bad touches

– Intimidation

– Defilement

– Rape

– Denial of education

– Forced marriages


Examples of children’s rights

– A right to education

– A right to medical care

– A right to belong to a clan, lineage or tribe

– A right to equal and fair treatment

– A right to have a name

– A right to know his/her parents

– A right to have needs e.g water, food, etc

– A right to play.

Importance of children’s rights and needs.

– Children’s rights help them to grow healthy and social

– Children’s rights help children to be protected from any form of abuses.

– Children’s rights help children to fit in the society morally. ((morally upright)

Children’s responsibility

– It helps a child to manage time.

– Or healthy growth and development of a child.

– For peaceful learning.

Ways of stopping child abuse:

– By teaching children’s rights

– By punishing those who abuse children’s rights

– Children should value their rights.

Causes of child abuse:

– Poverty

– Broken families

– Wars

– Alcoholism

– Death of parents

– Indisciplined children

– Insecurity

– Early marriage


Effects of child abuse:

– Increased number of street children

– Death may occur

– Early pregnancies

– School drop outs

– Indiscipline of children like stealing

– Permanent deformation or lameness.


What is a custom?

– A custom is an acceptable behavior in the society .

Examples of customs

– Greeting

– Praying

– Sharing

– Washing hands before and after eating

– Kneeling down to show respect to elders.


What is a culture?

– Culture is a special way of doing things in a particular society.

Examples of cultural practices:

– Baganda kneel down while greeting and serving food

– Circumcision like Sebei, Bakonjo and Bagisu

– Detoothing like Kumam and Sebei.

– Atoning like Karimojongs

– Celebrating the birth of twins

– Marriage ceremonies

– Introduction ceremonies

– Different tribes practice different cultural dances

– Different tribes speak different languages

– Different tribes have different styles of dressing.


Marriage is when a man and a woman stay together as husband and wife. Marriage starts with courtship.

What is courtship?

This is when a man and a woman talk to one another about getting married.


Religious marriage – By religious leaders

Customary marriages – By parents

Civil marriage – By court


What is food?

– Food is something good to eat or drink.

Traditional dishes of different tribes (staple foods)

TribeTraditional dishes
BugandaMatooke (bananas)
BasogaSweet potatoes

Food taboos:

– A taboo is something which is forbidden in a culture or religion.

What is food taboo?

– Food taboo is a forbidden food.

Examples of food taboo

– Moslems are not allowed to eat pork.

– Women of long ago were not allowed to eat pork, chicken, grasshoppers and eggs, mutton.

– Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays during lent period.

– Seventh Day Adventists are not allowed to eat pork, grasshoppers, white ants.

– One is not allowed to eat his/her totem.

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