This Unit is About Migration in Uganda and topics like Land Fragmentation, Immigration among others.


What is Migration?

Is the movement of people from one place to another for settlement.

Forms of migration

  1. Internal migration.
  2. External migration.

Internal Migration

It is migration within the country.

Rural Urban Migration

This is the movement of people from one village to another village for settlement.

Causes of rural-rural migration.

i) Need for water and pasture.

ii) Need for fertile soils for agriculture.

iii) Insecurity

iv) Natural disasters

Rural urban migration

Movement of people from village to towns for settlement.

Reasons or rural urban migration

i) Looking for employment. In towns

ii) To look for better medical services. in town

iii) To look for better education services .

iv) To look for better security.

Problems caused by rural -urban migration in towns.

i) High crime rate.

ii) Unemployment in towns.

iii)Land fragmentation.

iv) Poor sanitation.

v) Easy spread of diseases.

vi) Shortage of food.


 This is the division of land into small plots.

How is land fragmentation affecting villages

  • There is low crop production.
  • Land disputes.
  • There is increased poverty.

External Migration/ emigration

This is the movement of people out of the country.

Causes of emmigration

  • Political instability.
  • Civil wars.
  • Search for better employment.


This is the movement of people into the country.

  • Political instability.
  • Civil wars.
  • Search for better employment.
  •  For investment

Advantages of immigration

i) It creates employment.

ii) It increases the government revenue.

iii) The natural resources are put in to use.

iv) Importation of skilled labour.

Disadvantages of immigration

  • It leads to shortage of social services.
  • It leads to shortage of land.
  • It leads to importation of bad cultures.
  • It leads to over exploitation of natural resources.


This is the official document which identifies a person as a citizen of the country.

It can be shown when you are leaving or entering a country.

Reasons why people leave Uganda for other countries

  1. Searching for chances of employment.
  2. For further studies
  3. For adventure.
  4. To get medical treatment

Recent immigration into Uganda 

i) Rwandese

ii) Sudanese

iii) Congolese

iv) Asian

v)  Arabs

Reasons why people migrate today 

  1. To look for better medical care.
  2. To search for employment.
  3. To look for better entertainment
  4. To search for better education.

Ways the government can encourage people to go back to villages

  1. Improving on security.in villages
  2. Modernizing agriculture.
  3. Improving on medical care.in villages
  4. Building better hospitals in villages.

Contribution of immigration to Uganda development

  1. They have built industries.
  2. They have served as doctors and engineers.


  • Kampala
  • Somalis

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