This Unit is about Mining in Uganda.


This is extraction removal from the ground.

Minerals are valuable materials under the earth.

Examples of minerals


Crude oil.


Minerals Place where it is mixedMethods of miningProduct
CopperKilembe, KaseseDeep castCoinsElectric wires


LimestoneSukulu Hills, Tororo (Hima) KaseseOpen castCementLime
CobaltKaseseOpen castBangles
PhosphatesTororoDeep castingArtificial fertilizers
Crude OilLake AlbertDrillingDieselPetroleum
GoldMoroto, Mbarara KitgumAlluvia miningMedalJewellery

Methods of mining

  1. Open cast.
  2. Deep cast.
  3. Panning
  4. Quarrying

Importance of mining industry

  1. It creates chances of employment.
  2. It is a source of incomes.
  3. Provides raw materials for industries.
  4. Social services are improved on.

Reasons why the mining industry is not developed in Uganda

i) Shortage of capital.

ii) Low technology.

iii)Poor machinery.

iv) Insecurity in some areas.

v) Shortage of skilled labour.

vi) Poor transport system

Reasons why gold mining has not started in Karamoja

  1. Low technology.
  2. Shortage of skilled labour.
  3. Shortage of capital.
  4. Poor machinery.
  5. Poor transport system.

Reasons why crude oil on Lake Albert is not yet mined.

i) Shortage of skilled labour.

ii) Poor machinery.

iii)Poor transport system.

iv) Low technology.

v) Shortage of capital.

Problems faced by miners

i) Death of people in case the mines collapse.

ii) Flooding of miners.

Disadvantages of mining

  1. It leads to land degradation.
  2. It leads to displacement of people.
  3. It leads to pollution.

ASSIGNMENT : MINING P.5 assignment MARKS : 10  DURATION : 5 days

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