MP: Multimedia Content Packaging

To properly understand what multimedia content packaging means, we need to first understand what a medium is and what makes a package multimedia.

Medium is a means of communication, a tool, to transmit a message. That means when you use a photography, text, video, graphics and maps, you are communication something using that particular medium.


  • A photograph is a medium and (text, audio, video, graphics)
  • A newspaper, film, TV, radio, magazine, Internet, books-media
  • All transmit messages

Multimedia is an integration of more than one medium

A multimedia package consists of more than one medium in combination with interactivity that is related to a story, event or information.


  • More than one medium
  • Content
  • Interactivity

Definition of Multimedia

Multimedia is a combination of text, graphic, sound, pictures, and video that is delivered interactively to the user by electronic or digitally manipulated means.

Packaging multimedia content for a single story is, by nature, an exercise in designing for Web-based or application-oriented platforms. On the Web, we can combine all forms of media–text, video, audio, still images, and graphics–in one place and create rich interactive experiences


What a multimedia package contains? Elements of Multimedia Package

  • Text
  • Photographs
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Maps

Elements of Multimedia

Text: A broad term for something that contains words to express something.

  • Text is the most basic element of multimedia.
  • A good choice of words could help convey the intended message to the users (keywords).
  • Used in contents, menus, navigational buttons
    • Text is fine for headers, captions, a good nut graf, and background, but be sure to supplement it with audio and/or visuals if it makes sense.
    • Keep it short and simple for our audience.By shortening your text/breaking it up with other elements, you can keep people interested.

Video:Is the technology of capturing, recording, processing, transmitting, and reconstructing moving pictures.

  • Video is more towards photo realistic image sequence / live recording .
  • Video also takes a lot of storage space. So plan carefully before you are going to use it.
    • Keep them short
  • How to edit video easily

Using Premier pro

How to upload videos on youtube, ,



Photos: The Web is a visual medium, so be sure to include photos where possible. Use photos to replace 1,000 words. Images aren’t just there to make things pretty—they help explain things.

Maps can show you important locations such as you’re your home, work place, hospitals they can be coupled with other information

Tricks you should try when using google maps,

Create your interactive map today


  • Graphics: These aren’t just still images anymore.

You can make graphics interactive (clickable maps, navigable locations rendered in 3D, etc.).

Creating your own interactivity takes time. Generally, Flash animated graphics are the centerpiece (if not the only part) of a story, whereas, a Google map usually supplements a larger story.

How to use styled maps;

Exercise using a any form of graphics, design an interactive form of graphy


What does multimedia give readers that text cannot

  • Additional ways to understand information.
  • User Involvement-heightened user experience)
  • Extension of reporting
    Some things better told with added media

Multimedia Storytelling- Creating a storyboard

According to NewsU, you should fashion a storyboard of multimedia possibilities before heading out into the field.

Conduct preliminary interviews, get a basic idea of what to expect in the field, look up anything your sources have published in print or on the Web.

Collect visuals — photos, videos, maps and graphics — from your sources or from the Web to get an idea of potential story components. Track down any previous stories on the topic — print, video, radio or Web.


Creating a great storyboard:

storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a amotion picture,  or interactive media sequence.

Photographs are the best media for displaying strong emotion and keeping the mood.

  • Video goes by quickly; photos illustrate the point of the story
  • Add audio and you enhance the mood; make it panoramic and you put the reader there..

Graphics show how stuff works. They can chart important figures, display abstract ideas.

Maps can show you important locations such as war zones or they can be coupled with other information such as crime statistics.

Storyboard the concept

You’re working with a lot of media elements. The more complicated your piece gets, the better off you’ll be sketching out your different media and thinking about how users will navigate through them

Writing for the Web

Almost everything you do starts writing, therefore important to understand the dynamics of writing for the web Although we’ve talked about text in brief already, here are a few rules you should keep in mind as you go through this

  • Rules for Internet Writing:
    • Keep paragraphs short (one topic)
    • Use informative subheads
    • Hyperlink to other articles/sites you’re referencing .Most news sites do this by linking words to lists of related articles.
    • Use bulleted lists (if you need them) to break things up
    • Key point: Long blocks of type are deadly!
  • Internet Writing is a combination of print and broadcast
    • Like print:, Inverted pyramid style preferred, and Write to be read rather than heard.
    • Like Broadcast: Conversational tone Short, declarative sentences / Simple words, Immediacy is important (people check the Web for breaking news)
  • Internet Writing is a combination of print and broadcast
    • Like print:Inverted pyramid style preferred and Write to be read rather than heard.
    • Like Broadcast:Conversational tone, Short, declarative sentences / Simple words and Immediacy is important (people check the Web for breaking news)


  • Improving scanability / readability
    • Highlight key words and phrases (this can include hyperlinking important phrases for context)
    • Use subheads to break up text and divide story
    • Use meaningful links—if you can summarize an issue succinctly by offering a link for more info, do.
  • Make it timely and relevant
    • On Breaking stories, get info out fast
    • Add on as story develops
    • Add timestamps so you don’t have to rewrite

Multimedia content -Producing A Story

Multimedia journalists have multiple editors:

  • There are your actual editors, and then there are your designers and Web developers. You can’t—and aren’t usually expected to—do it all yourself (except in this class).
  • .Focus will be on the available platforms like wordpress,Cd, DVD, Joomla, Drupal, to enable you produce multimedia content.

Multimedia packaging using mobile devices

  • Consider taking photos using your mobile phone to package multimedia content
  • Video capturing, Audio recording, and Capturing photos
  • Different phone recording and capturing formats
  • Importing in a any editing software
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