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This Unit is about our school and neighbours



Sound   oo

look         foot          noon

book         hook        pool

moon        fool         tool

stool         tooth       broom

spoon       food        room

root          soon       wool

cook        good       zoo

  1. What is the name of your school?
  2. Whose book is this?
  3. The table is near the stool.
  4. Mummy cooks good food.



tooth        take       eight

tree          today     sight

tea           stay       night

try           kite        Peter

trap         fight      eat

stop         right       goat

  1. Today is my birth day.
  2. A young goat  is a kid
  3. Peter is a clever boy.
  4. We come to school to learn.

5   It is not good to fight at school.



A school is a place where we go to learn. Our school is Green hill Academy. It is found along Mbogo road on Kibuli hill. It is in Makindye division, Kampala district.

There are some small shops near our school. There are multiple industries which makes plastic things like chairs, cups, basins, pipes and water bottles. There are fuel tanks near the field.



  1. What is a school?


  1. What is the name of your school?


  1. Along which road is Green hill Academy?


  1. In which division is your school found?


  1. List some of the things made from the multiple industries?


  1. What is the passage about?



Fill in correctly using these words.

Mr. John Mugisha,  Pre-Primary,  middle section,  Mrs. Juliet Namukasa,     Infant section,    Cream hill Academy,   upper section, P. 1       Mr. David Kiwanuka


______________ is the name of our school. It has a fence around it with the five gates in different places. The Primary section has the following sections; the _________, _______, and _____________. The headmaster of our is ___________,  the deputy headmaster  of our school  is ______________

The Rector of our school is ___________. The infant section is made up of Nursery, ______________, __________, and  P.2.  The middle section is from P.3 to P. 4 and the upper section is from Primary five to seven.

What is a school?

A school is a place where people go to learn.


A story about our school

Our school is Vision for Africa Primary School. It is located along Kayunga road in a small trading centre called Kiyunga.

At our school, we have a canteen inside and a tailoring workshop where our school uniforms are made.

Our school has many buildings. There are classrooms, dormitories, offices and the main hall.


  1. What is the name of our school?
  2. Where is your school found?
  3. What is the nearest trading centre to your school?
  4. Name four buildings found in your school.


Important things near our school.

Write down four important things near our school


  • Clinic
  • Police station
  • Market
  • Churches
  • Mosques
  • A factory
  • Shops
  • A vocation school
  • Schools




  1. How many important places are near our school?
  2. Name some important places near our school.
  3. Why do we need a church or mosque?
  4. Which number is the police station in the picture?
  5. Where do we go when we are sick?
  6. My grandmother will go to the…………………..or market if she wants to buy things.


Symbols in our school


  • School uniform
  • School budge
  • School address
  • School prayer
  • School anthem
  • School signpost
  • School flag




  1. Draw the school symbols
  1. Name four symbols of your school


Importance of school symbols

  • The school uniform makes children look smart and different.
  • The school prayer unites us and teachers to respect God and one another.
  • The school motto encourages us to work hard.
  • The budge helps people to know the children of our school.

NB: write your school motto


Structures in our school


  • Classrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Toilets
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Canteen
  • Bathrooms




  1. Mention any seven school buildings


Fill the missing sound

Classr _ _  ms

Offi _ _ s

lib _ ary

st _ res

t _ _ lets

ba _ _ rooms

dorm _ tories


Importance of building in your school

  • Some buildings are used for protection like dormitories, teacher‚Äôs quarters,
  • Pupils learn from the classrooms
  • Leaders of the school do their work in the offices
  • School books are kept in the library
  • Meals are prepared in the kitchen.
  • Stores keep things like food, scholastic materials etc



  1. Where are the meals prepared from?
  2. Where do we keep school books?
  3. Mention three offices in your school.


People who work in our school








Senior woman teacher



Match the people to their work.


Secretary                                                    keeps security


Teacher                                                      cares for the girl child


Driver                                                         types of examinations/letters


Guard                                                         drives the school van


Matron                                                       prepares school meals


Cook                                                           cares for boarding children


School rules and regulations

They govern the whole school by all pupils


  • Every child should wear a school uniform
  • Listen attentively
  • Keep school property safe
  • Follow the walkways
  • Run to class after the bell has rung.


  1. Write down three school rules and regulations.
  2. What is the official language used at school?
  3. Why should pupils wear school uniform?

Make correct sentences from the table

A school secretary

A school teacher

School driver

A headteacher

A senior woman teacher

A cook

A matron

An askari

Keeps security in the school

Cares for girl children

Types examinations/letters

Teaches pupils/children

Drives the school van

Prepares school meals

Heads the school

Keeps children in dormitories

How the neighbourhood/community benefit from school

  • School provides education
  • Provides facilities for ceremonies like furniture
  • A school buys food for the community
  • The school provides employment like class teachers
  • Provides security


A community is a group of people living or working together.


How the school benefits from the community/neighbourhood

  • The community provide labour
  • Provide security to the school
  • Provide food for the school
  • Provide land for the school construction
  • Provide medicine


Causes of problems between school and the neighbourhood or community

  • Theft: some neighbours steal the school property
  • Quarrels: some neighbours quarrel with the school workers
  • Fights: some neighbours fight with the school workers
  • Trespass: some neighbours trespass through the school [remises
  • Languages: some neighbours use bad language to members in the school


Ways of preventing problems between the school and the neighbourhood

  • The school and neighbourhood should respect each other
  • They should observe the rules and regulations.
  • The neighbours should be co-operative to the school workers.
  • They should use friendly language.



Tick three (3) problems between the school and the neighbourhood.

  1. The community provides food:
  2. Some community members quarrel with the school workers.
  3. Some community members fight with the