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parts of the plants and their uses-p.1

This unit is about naming parts of the plant and their uses

Naming the parts of the plant and giving their uses.(Drawing the plants)

parts of the plant

The leaves make food for the plants.

Leaves store food for the plant.

The stem helps the plant to stand upright.

Some stems store food for the plant.

Roots hold the plant firmly in the soil.

Some roots food for the plant.

Activity: Naming the parts of a plant and identifying some uses of particular parts.

Comprehension passage about parts we eat on different plants in our environment.

Plants are useful to people and animals. They have three main parts. These are leaves, stem and the roots. We eat the leaves of some plants like onions, cabbage, spinach, dodo and others. We eat the stem of a sugarcane and yam plants. The roots of plants like cassava, potatoes, and Irish potatoes are eaten as food.


1.Name the three main parts of the plant.

a.___________ b.__________ c.__________

2.Write two uses of plants to people.



3.Which part of the sugarcane do we eat?


4.Draw and colour these plants.

a.cabbage   b. sugarcane   c. cassava



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