This unit is about peace and security.It states the causes of insecurity in our societies and the different forms that we can promote security in our societies

Peace and security at home

Ways /factors that promote peace and security in our home.

  • good health
  • good behaviorprimary one uganda news peace and security
  • respect /obedience
  • working with others
  • love and care
  • having enough food
  • sharing with others
  • protection

Causes of insecurity in our homes

Insecurity means anxiety or timidity or uncertainty or lack of confidence

  • poverty
  • diseases
  • violence / fights / wars
  • lack of respect
  • lack of food
  • laziness and not being helpful
  • defilement
  • isolation / child neglect
  • lack of education
  • bad or unfriendly environment
  • shouting at each other


Children to dramatise.

Ref:     Monitor S.St book 1 pg 15.

 Comprehensive S.ST bk 1 pg 24 – 25.

Ways / factors that promote peace and security at school

  • Observing class and school rules.
  • working together, playing fair games,
  • Respecting others, caring for others, e.t.c.
  • being hardworking and helpful
  • having enough facilities in school
  • observing children’s rights and responsibilities
  •  interacting positively
  • listening to each other

Causes of insecurity in our school

  • stealing people’s property
  • beating / fighting others
  • not following class and school rules
  • lack of respect for others
  • other bad behaviours like teasing

Ref:     Monitor S.ST Bk 1 pg 15.


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