This unit is about plants and non living things

Uses of plants in our environment

a) Some plants in our environment give us;

Other plants give us shade, flowers, etc

Ref:    Mk. Integrated Sci. b k .1 page 19.

            Fountain Pr. Sci .book 1 page 23.

Parts of a plant: (This should be done practically to help children identify parts of a plant.)

There are three main parts of plant.

– leaves

– stem

– roots

Other parts of a plant are;

flowers, fruits, bud and branches

 Draw a plant and name the parts.

The parts we eat on different plants

  1. Leaves like cabbage, dodo, nakati, ebbuga
  2. Roots like cassava, carrots
  3. Stems like sugarcanes, yams
  4. Fruits like mangoes, oranges, apples, etc

Importance of plants

  • Source of oxygen.
  • Some plants provide us with food.
  • Some plants provide us with building materials.
  • Some plants provide us with local medicine, fire wood, charcoal, etc

Importance of animals

  • Some animals provide us with food.
  • Some animals provide us with transport.
  • Some animals protect our homes.
  • Some animals are kept as pets. Mk integrated Sci bk 1 pg 20.

Non-living things in our environment

Non-living things are things that do not have life.

Examples of non-living things

hills, mountains, land, cups, plates, tables, etc

Draw and name any three non-living things

Importance/uses of non-living things in the environment

Air; we breathe it in to support life and other things

Water; we drink it, we bathe it

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