This unit is about the book on Psalms and it's about the christian understanding of the book.



The word Psalms is derived from a greek word called Psalmoi which means songs accompanied with stringed musical instruments. They were composed by different authors over a long period of time and they were used in worship.

It`s believed that singing was a dominant part of Israelites way of worship, it was centered on God. This was because people recognized their reliance on God and always remembered his hand in their history. Some Psalms are personal while others are collective but they all praised God.

They are as many as 150 in the whole book. Some refer to important men like Abraham, David, and Solomon etc. This was partly because some composed some Psalms like David. However, it`s not very clear whether it`s such men who wrote the Psalms but in each Psalms God is central which continues to confirm that they were all centered on God.

The Psalms are designed into 5 major categories, they include;-

  • Psalms praising the Lord
  • National Larments
  • Royal Psalms
  • Individual Larments
  • Individual Thanks giving


The Jews normally praised their God through music, dance and drama. The Psalms were of great value in the Israelites community as illustrated below;-

They were used to call upon God`s wrath to fall on the wicked people i.e. Psalms 137

Through Psalms the Israelites expressed their inner most feeling to their God i.e. they were used to describe how their hits used to search and thirst for their God.

The Jews used the Psalms to thank God for Military victories, good harvests, boom in business and above all their deliverance from Egypt.

Psalms were used to call upon God to remember his people all the time. This was when they were desperate and lonely in time of crisis waiting for God`s deliverance. Psalms 22.

In coronation and anointing of political leaders, The occasion was normally accompanied by various songs because they saw God`s leadership restored through them i.e. Psalms 2.

They were also used for personal confessions i.e. when David sinned against God it`s believed that he composed Psalms 51 and 32.

The Israelites also used Psalms in order to show the nature of Yahweh i.e. his sovereignty and Universal nature. Psalms 47

Psalms contributed to spiritual development in the Jewish community. Through the Psalms the Jews developed their relationship with their God i.e. they used the Psalms to come into fellowship with God their creator.

They used Psalms to remember important days in their community i.e. the Passover feast. Which

At times the Israelites used Psalms to seek for help from God especially during difficult time’s i.e. Psalms 137 which illustrates the mood of the people in exile.


Through Psalms, Christians are to worship God whole heartedly i.e. with inner commitment and use of musical instruments.

They are used by Christians to enhance their spiritual growth.

They convince Christians that God will always intervene in their life especially those in difficult situations. They will overcome difficult situations.

They motivate Christians to trust in their God and his son Jesus Christ.

They motivate Christians to seek for the lord`s power, God has power over Satan therefore Christians are assured of victory if they trust in God.

Christians are supposed to use Psalms when Ordaining Christian leaders in order to empower them fully to carry out their services.

Through the Psalms, Christians are compelled to appreciate the sovereignty of their God.

Christians use Psalms to call on God to extend his love to their enemies.


It`s a messianic psalm which points towards God`s rule through the messiah to act on his behalf. The Psalmist acknowledges the supremacy of God as a supreme King and all earthly Kings are appointed by him and are under his authority.

The King term of office depends on God and prophetically the Psalms indicates the rejection of Jesus.


Nations plan rebellion and the people make useless plots. The King revolt and the rulers plot together against the Lord`s King (The King they are plotting against is the Lord`s son).

The Lord laughs and mocks their feeble plan. Their rebellion will be a futile venture. This meant that no human clan can overthrow the Lord`s King.

The King confessed that the Lord confirmed he was his own son and was to have control over all nations and the whole earth. The King will break them with an Iron rod and shatter them in pieces like a day pouf.

The Psalmist warns the human leaders to learn a lesson or else they will be destroyed. They heard to serve the Lord`s King with fear because he was King of Kings.

They had to obey, tremble and bow down to him or else his anger will be quickly aroused and they will die.

All those who go to the Lord will receive blessings.

The Psalmist also pre supposes the idea that the Lord`s the Lord`s servant will be victorious throughout his term of office because he had full powers, plan, will and charisma from God.


Jesus was installed by God as illustrated by the Psalmist. He was anointed by God in River Jordan according 2 Mk: 1:9-13 and sent by God as a Messiah.

Nations rebelled against Jesus as illustrated by the Psalmist and this eventually led to his death.

Jesus confirmed his identity to the Jews, likewise the Psalmist confirmed that the King was God`s son.

Jesus clarified to his people that whoever believed in his word will live and that would be an indication that he also obey the father John: 5:23-24. The same message is stressed by the Psalmist in Verse 11-12.

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