Quran P.3

This unit is about the Quran putting emphasis on common Surahs in it, ways in which it should be kept, people who are not allowed to read it and so much more

The Quran

This is one of the Holy books in Islam.

The Quran is made of units. These includes;

– Aya (verse)

– Surah (chapter)

– Juzu (section)

Common surahs in the Quran

– Fatiha

– Farrah

– Bayinnah

– Naas

(i) Name the first and the last Surah in the Quran (Fatihah , Naas)

The Quran was revealed to prophet Mohammed on Mt. Noon in the cave of Hira by Angel Gibril (Gabriel)


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Ways how the Quran should be kept.

– In a clean place

– None should be on its top

– Should not touch the ground

People who are not allowed to read the Quran.

– Women in menstruation period

– People who have not performed Wudhu

– Non-Muslim

The 4 revealed books in Islam Equivalent books

Zabur Pslams

Tauret Pentatuach

Quran ___________

Injil Gospels

Prophets to whom the books were revealed.

Zabur – Pprophet Dauda

Taurat – Prophet Musa

Quran – Prophet Mohammed

Injil – Prophet Isa

Prophets in Islam

A prophet is a person inspired by God (Allah) to tell this message.

There are 25 Prophets in islam

The first Prophet is Adam and the last is Mohammed.

These include: Prophet Adam , Noah , Idris , Lot , Zechariah , Idris , Swalleh , Hood , Ibrahim , Musa , yunus (Jonah) , Zul-kifil , Al0yasa , Ismael ,
Ishaq , Yaqub , Yususf , Daud , SUlayman , Yahya , Shuaib , Haruna , Isa , Muhammed, Ayub


Adam – first Prophet in Islam.

Zul-kifl – went to heaven alive

Ibrahim – Known for his faith (grandfather of all believers/ was about to sacrifice his son)

Yunus – was swallowed by a big fish whale

Sulaiman – Used to speak with all creatures like birds, animals, etc

Ayub – He is known for endurance

Isa – He was born without a father

Nooh – Built the ark

Mohammed – The greatest Prophet in Islam


– Salat means prayer

– A prayer are words someone says to God.

– Salat is a second pillar of Islam.

Muslim believers should perform 5 slats a day as shown below;

SubuhEarly in the morning
ZuburEaly in thew afternoon (at 1 o’clock)
AswirLate afternoon (at 4.00pm)
MagaribhEarly evening (7.20pm)
IshahLate evening (from 8 – 11pm)

The Muazzin calls Moslems for prayers

The Imam leads (conducts ) prayers in the mosque

Juma is a special prayer performed by Moslems on Friday at 1o’clock in the mosque.


These are things which spoil swalat (salat)

They can include:

– Praying at wrong time

– Eating or drinking during salat

– Praying without wudhu

– Drunkenness

– Sleeping during salat

– Urinating or faining during salat

– Praying in impure cloths.

– Talking words that are not connected to salat

– Discuss how one can avoid the nullifiers above with the pupils.

Islamic values

– Patience (swabru)

– Perseverance (Tahamamu)

– Reliance on God (Tawakkul)

Importance of Islamic values

– They create peace

– They can lead to award of blessings

– They lead to unity

– They make faith grow strong (Iman)

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