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This Unit is about Sets.


What is a set? A set s a collections of thing or objects.

Examples of sets


Drawing of sets

Draw a set of four flowers

sets 1

Sets 2

sets 3

sets 4

sets 5

sets 6

sets 7

Comparing of sets.

sets 8

Set  A has four members.

Set B has three members.

Set C has five members.

Set A has more members than set B

Set B has less members that set A and set B

Set A and set B has seven members altogether.

Set B and set C have eight members altogether.

Adding sets

sets 9

Separating of sets (Take away)

sets 10

sets 11

Ordering sets (starting with the smallest)

sets 12

Set M comes first (1st )

Set P comes second (2nd )

Set O comes third (3rd )

Set N comes fourth (4th )

Ordering sets starting with the biggest.

sets 13

  1. Set V comes first (1st )
  2. Set U comes second (2nd )
  3. Set T comes third (3rd )
  4. Set R comes fourth (4th )
  5. Set S comes fifth (5th )



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