This unit is about what sets are .It explains what a set is,forming sets,joining sets,empty sets and matching sets.


Meaning: A set is a collection of well defined members.

Sorting / identifying sets practically               

– Forming sets e.g.


Activity: 1. Name the sets drawn.  

Draw the sets given.  


SETS Matching

Comparing sets

  • counting objects
  • comparing objects

   SETS Matching 1


1. How many members has set A?

Set A has 4 members.

2.How many members has set B?

Set B has 6 members.

3.Which set has more members?

Set B has more members.

4. Which set has less (fewer) members?

Set A has less (fewer) members than set B.

 SETS Matching 2


An empty set

– Meaning: An empty set is a set without members.

E.g. A set of lions in Greenhill Academy

       A set of boys with 4 heads each. Etc….

The concept of an empty set

Definition – An empty set is without members(elements)

Examples of an empty set:

A set of cups dancing

A set of girls with 5 legs

A set of tables walking

Drawing, adding and counting. E.g.A set of goats eating grass.________

  • Drawing, adding and counting. E.g.SETS Matching 3
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