This unit is about buying and selling of different items.It also looks at the different means of transport.

Buying and selling

A shop list in Mr. Lule’s shop

A ruler ————— sh 500

A rubber ———- sh 500

A Safi ————— sh 300

A pencil ————– sh 100

A book ————— sh 200

A soda ————– sh 600

Questions about the shop list

  1. How much money will you pay for a pencil and a ruler?
  2. What is the cost of a bottle of soda in Mr. Lule’s shop?
  3. How much do you need to pay for a safi?
  4. How much does a ruler cost?
  5. What is the cheapest item?

6.Which is the most expensive item ?

  1. Tim buys a book and a soda. He pays ______ shillings.

Practical lesson

Shopping game (Using the class shop)

Let us buy and pay:

  • – How much is a book?
  • -How much is a ruler?
  • -How much do we pay for two sweets?
  • -How much do I pay for buying a book and a pen?

–     Answering oral questions about shopping.

Reference:   Mk Standard Bk 1 pg 07-98

 Mk standard Bk 1 pg 126

 Understanding Mtc Bk 1 pg 77


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