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LITE1/3: Social Services and Their Importances

This Unit is about social services and their importance, Among these include health centers, security services, communication, education

Theme: Livelihood in our sub county/ division

Sub theme: Social services and their importance



Definition of social services?

– This is the work done by the government for the people to live a better life.

Types of social services

– Education services

– Communication services

– Health services

– Transport services

– Water services

– Security services


Education services

– Education is the getting of knowledge.

– People get education from schools.

An illustration  of pupils in a classroom

Types of schoolsImage result for Education services

– Nursery schools

– Primary schools

– Secondary schools

– Universities

– Colleges

– Technical schools

Importance of education

– We get knowledge from education.

– We get skills from education.

– We get jobs/ employment from education.

Examples of universities found in Uganda include;

– Makerere

– Uganda Christian University Mukono

– Islamic University in Uganda

– Kampala International University

– Gulu university

– Busoga University

– Ndejje university

– Nkozi university, etc

Schools are under the ministry of education and sports. The current minister of education and sports is Hon. Jesca Alupo.


Security services

– Security is the way of protecting people and their property against danger.

Security officers

– Security services are rendered to people to protect them with their property.Image result for security services in uganda

Organs which provide security include;

– The police

– Prisons

– Army

– local defence unit

– private security organs


– A weapon is a material which is used to defend ourselves from enemies.



Weapons used to provide security services include;

– Guns

– Batons

– Sticks

– bow and arrow

– land mines

– tear gas

– bombs


The police force

– The police in Uganda is divided into sections like;

– Dog section

– Anti-riot police

– Military police

– Traffic police

– Mobile patrol unit

– Criminal investigation department (CID)

– Anti-smuggling unit

– Passport section

– Fire brigade

The title given to the head of the Uganda police is the Inspector General.

The current Inspector General of police in Uganda is Major General Kale Kayihura.

Roles of the police

It keeps law and order.

Investigates cases and crimes

Controls traffic flow

Enforces law

Puts out fire

NB: The police is under the ministry of Internal Affairs.



The army protects the lives of people and their property in the country. The title given to the head of the army in Uganda is a Commander-in-Chief.

The current commander in chief of the Uganda Army is H. E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Another name for the Uganda army is the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).Image result for THE ARMY

Roles of the army

The army protects the country.

The army fights against foreign invaders (rebels).

The army entertains people (army band).

The people who work in the army are called army men/ army women of soldiers. Soldiers live in a barracks in houses called unipots.

The prison

– A prison is a place where law breakers are kept in safe custody.

Roles of the prison

– It keeps law breakers in safe custody.

– It changes laws breakers into law abiding citizens.

– It punishes law breakers.

Prisoners are taught different skills like;

– Carpentry

– Music

– Sports

– craft making

– sports

– digging

Prisoners are taken to courts of law for judgment.

Children below 18 years are taken to special places like:-

– Kampiringisa Prisons,

– Naguru Remand Home,

– Bugungu Reformatory School

Private security organs

– These are privately owned security groups.

– They also help the police to keep law and order.

Examples include

– Uganda Securico

– Saracen

– Group 4

– KK security

– Delta force

– Hash

– Securex , etc

Health services

Health services are provided by giving medical care.

Places which provide health services include:-Image result for health services in uganda

– Hospitals

– Clinics

– Dispensaries

– health centres.

The main referral hospital in Uganda is Mulago hospital.

Medical care is given through-

– Injections

– Creams

– Lotions

– Tablets

– syrups.

People who provide medical care are;

– Doctors – treat sick people

– Oculists – treat eyes

– Opticians – sell eye glasses

– Dentists – treat teeth

– Surgeons – operate on people

– Nurses – assist doctors when treating patients

– Midwives – care for pregnant women

– Health inspectors – teach people how to live in a clean environment and how to stay healthy.

Communication services

Communication is the sending and receiving of messages. There are two types of communication i.e


Image result for Communication services

– Local communication

– Modern communication

Local communication

This is the type of communication where people use local means to send and receive messages.


Means of local communication

– Drums

– Clapping

– Bells

– Whistle

– Fire

– Xylophones

– Horns

– Mouth (talking)

– Gestures

Advantages of local communication

– It is cheap

– It is easy to use

Disadvantages of local communication

– It wastes time.

– It might not reach many people at the same time.

– The message may change as it moves from one messenger to another.

NB: Gestures are signs used in communication without talking.

Modern communication

It is a type of communication which uses modern means to send and receive communication.

Communication services in Uganda are provided by;

a) Radio stations

– Radio samba)

– CBS Super

e) – Radio One

f) – Capital Radio

g) – Dunamis

h) – Kaboozi

i) – Dembe FM, etc

j) TV stations



– Capital

n) – Bukedde

o) – NBS

p) – Star TV

q) – NTV

r) – LTV

s) – ITV

t) – EATV

u) Telecommunication companiesv) – Airtelw) – MTNx) – UTL

y) – Warid

z) – Smile

aa) – Orange

Newspapers- New Vision- Daily Monitor- Weekly observer

– Kamunye

– Red pepper

– Rupiny

– Bukedde

– Etop

– Orumuri

Modern means of communication

– Radios

– Television

– Phones

– Newspapers

– Internet

– Magazines

– Letters

– Fax

– Computers

Advantages of modern communication

– It is time saving.

– The message does not change.

– The message can reach intended recipients are the same time.

Disadvantages of modern communication

– It is very expensive.

– It requires people who have gone to school.

– Some of it requires electricity.

Transport services

Transport is the movement of people and goods from one place to another.


an illustration of the means of transport

There are four types of transport namely;Image result for transport services

– Road transport

– Water transport

– Air transport

– Railway transport

Road transport

Road transport is the movement of people and goods from one place to another along the road.

Means of road transport

– Pedestrians (use the road on foot)

– Bicycle

– Motorcycle

– Lorries

– Animals e.g. horse, oxen, camels

Road transport is the most common type of transport.

Advantages of road transport

– It’s a door to door service.

– Its costs are affordable.

– People can reach many places.

Disadvantages of road transport

– There is a lot of traffic jam along the road.

– There are many risks of accidents.

– Murram roads can produce a lot of dust during dry weather.

Air transport

It is the movement of people and goods from one place to another in air.

Means of air transport

– Aeroplanes

– Parachutes

– Helicopters

– Rockets

Aeroplanes land at airports.

Small aircrafts land at airstrips and airfields.

A runway is the road for the aeroplane.

Aeroplanes’ park is a prone.

A pilot flies a plane.

Examples of airstrips in Uganda

Kololo airstrip, Soroti airstrip, Gulu airstrip, Mbarara airstrip, Arua airstrip, Kimaka airstrip

Air transport is the most expensive type of transport.

Disadvantages of air transport

– It is very expensive

– In case of an accident, people die in big numbers.

– It is not common.

Advantages of air transport

– It is the fastest type of transport.

– It is less risky in terms of accidents.

– It is very comfortable.

– It is the best for perishable goods.

Water transport

Water transport is the movement of people and goods from one place to another on water.

Means of water transport

– Boats

– Ship

– Canoes

– Ferry

Ferries are big water vessels which carry many people and bulky things i.e. cars, buses etc

Water transport is both the slowest and the cheapest type of transport.

A ship captain sails a boat.

Advantages of water transport

– It is the cheapest of all the types of transport.

– It is good for people who live on islands.

Disadvantages of water transport

– It is slow.

– It does not offer door to door services.

– There are high risks of accidents.

Railway transport

Railway transport is the movement of people and goods from one place to another on rails.

Means of railway transport

– Train

– Tram

A train stops at the railway station.

Kinds of trains

– Passenger trains – for carrying people

– Cargo train – for carrying cargo or luggage

Advantages of railway transport

– It is cheap.

– It carries many people.

– It is suitable for bulky goods.

Disadvantages of railway transport

– It is slow.

– It is not good for taking perishable goods.

– It doesn’t provide door to door services.

– It is time tabled.


Challenges associated with social services (problems)

Challenges associated with education

– Some schools lack trained teachers.

– Some schools do not have enough classrooms.

– Some schools do not have enough furniture.

– Some schools do not have enough scholastic materials e.g. textbooks, chalk, pencils and pens.

– Some schools do not have enough security against arsonists.