This unit is about Talents and resources.it shows the different talents one can have and the resources we use in our daily lives.

Talents and resources(use the parable of three servants Matt. 25:14-30)

  • A talent is a natural ability to do something well.

Examples of talents

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • Debating
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Playing football/net ball, etc

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Ways of identifying talents:

  • Through practice.
  • Through the guidance of other people.
  • Through praying.

Using available resources to serve God and fellow human beings (Gen 1:26-30)

The following are ways of using resources well.

  • For making communication better
  • For making machines used for building roads, houses, etc
  • For making medicine used to cure diseases.
  • People have used resources to make feeding better
  • Man has used resources for making education better.

Uses of resources that break God’s commandments:

  • For making maintenance to carry out abortion.
  • For making deadly weapons of mass destruction.
  • For disputing God’s existence.
  • For making poisonous chemicals to poison other people.

Conscience: (John 16:13, 3:20-21)

Conscience is a feeling that tells a person whether what he/she is going to do is right or wrong.

How the Holy Spirit helps us through our conscience.

  • Holy Spirit reveals the truth to our conscience.

Money is a resource

  • Money is a medium of exchange.
  • It is one of the resources people have.
  • People need to use it well in order to benefit from it and other people.

How people get money

  • Trading
  • Farming
  • Working
  • As gifts

Uses of money which do not spoil our relationship with God:

Wrong ways of getting money

  • Stealing
  • Corruptions

The following are some of good uses of money: (Prov 11:24-25, 28:18, 29:5)

  • To pay education services.
  • To pay taxes.
  • To buy clothes
  • To pay for health services.
  • To pay for amenities.
  • To buy furniture.
  • To pay tithe.

Below are the bad ways of dependence.

  • To buy drugs of dependence.
  • To bribe others.
  • To buy prostitutes.
  • To hire other people to commit murder.

Effects of too much love for money.

  • Envy
  • Bribery
  • Murder
  • Stealing
  • Jealousy
  • Robbery

Time as a resource:

  • It is one of the limited resources we have on this earth.
  • Therefore, there is need to use it well in order to benefit from it.
  • People do different types of work.
  • In order to do work properly, we need a time table.

Points to remember when using time:

  • Do the right at the right time
  • Time wasted will never be gained.
  • Time is money.
  • There is time for work and time for rest.
  • Too much work or leisure for us is not good.
  • Respect your timetable.

Bad ways of using time:

  • Over sleeping
  • Doing work slowly
  • Spending too much time in leisure.


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