This Unit is about World war 2 and Nationalism in Uganda.


The second world war began in Europe.

Germany an Italy started the second world war in 1931.

The war was between Germany and Italy and Britain, France and their allies.

Many Ugandans were taken to go and fight n the side of Britain.

Ugandans fought Germans, Italians in countries like Somalia, Tanganyika and Algeria.

The Ugandan soldiers met different people.

How did the Ugandan soldiers benefit from the Second World War?

i) They gained military skills, experience and knowledge of fighting.

ii) They learnt that Whites could be fought and defeated.

iii) They knew the importance for fighting for freedom.

iv) They wanted fellow Africans to be given equal opportunity in business.

At the end of the war in 1945, the soldiers returned as Veterans.

Effects/Results of the Second World Wars.

  1. There was economic development.
  2. It created a spirit of Nationalism.

Economic Development

  1. Coffee prices dropped.
  2. Shortage of food.
  3. Shortage of essential goods.
  4. Technical skills were learnt by people who participated (War Veteran)


What is Nationalism?

Is one’s love for his or her country.

Many Ugandans went to Europe, Asia, Pakistan, India, Burma and Philippines.

The demand for Independence

Many people were involved in fighting for independence e.g. traditional leaders educated Ugandan, War Veteran, farmers.

Ways Ugandans used to fight for independence

  1. By staging rebellions or riots e.g. 1945 and 1949 riots.
  2. By forming political parties e.g. Bataka party which demanded for their rights to elect chiefs.
  3. Boycotting of European goods.

Reasons why Ugandans fought for independence

  1. They wanted to regain economic strength..
  2. They wanted to regain their land.
  3.  High taxation

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