This Unit is about the Uganda Railway and the Agreements that took place in Uganda.


This was the railway line that was built between Mombasa and Kisumu to join Uganda to the Coast.

Why was the Railway line built?

i) It was built to link/connect Uganda to the Coast.

ii) It was built to make administration of Uganda

iii) It was built to promote trade in Uganda.

The building of Uganda Railway started in 1896 at Mombasa



He suggested the idea of building the railway.

He was founder of IBEACO.


They built Uganda railway.

The British financed the building of Uganda railway.


He was the chief surveyor of Uganda railway.

George White House

He was chief engineer of the Uganda railway.

Colonel Patterson

Helped to kill the lions/man eaters of Tsavo

Why did the British government take over Uganda from  IBEACO?

It ran bankrupt.


He built Fort Edward on Old Kampala where he raised the company flag.

In 1891, he signed an agreement of friendship with Omugabe Ntare of Ankole.

Ankole also became IBEACO area of operation.

He signed an agreement with Omukama Kabalega of Bunyoro.

Roles played by F. Lugard in the colonization process of Uganda

i) He signed treaties or agreement with kings and chiefs.

ii) He introduced divide and rule.

iii)He fought resistors.

Reasons why Omukama Kasagama welcomed the British

  1. He wanted protection against Omukama Kabalega.
  2. He wanted to be restored to his throne.

How did Omukama Kabalega promote colonization of Uganda?

i) He accepted British rule.

ii) He signed a treaty with the British.

iii) He collaborated with  the British.

How did Omukama Kasagama benefit from the coming of Captain Fredrick Lugard?

  1. He gave him protection against Omukama Kabalega.
  2. He restored him to his throne.
  3. He drove Omukama Kabalega out of Toro.

Which Bishop never wanted IBEACO to leave Uganda?

He was Bishop Alfred Tuckler.


He declared Uganda a British protectorate in 1894.

Which agreement was made in 1894?

The 1894 treaty.

What political event happened in 1894?

Uganda was declared a British protectorate.

How did the 1894 treaty affect Uganda?.

Uganda was declared a British protectorate.

How did Sir Gerald Portal restored order between Bunyoro and Toro?

  1. He built Fort Portal for protection.
  2. He signed a treaty with Toro and Bunyoro.

Why did Captain F.D. Lugard bring soldiers to Uganda?

  1. For protection him against against his enemies.
  2. D Lugard brought the Sudanese soldiers to control religious wars.


This is a country ruled or controlled and protected by a foreign country.

The traditional leaders resisted colonial rule.  Some of those who resisted colonial rule:

i) Kabaka Mwanga

ii) Omukama Kabalega

iii) Chief Awich of Acholi

Name the first British commissioner in Uganda

He was Sir Henry Colville.

Sir Henry Colville fought defeated Omukama Kabalega in 1894.

Kabalega when defeated he fled to Langi.

Reasons why Omukama Kabalega resisted British rule?

i) He never wanted the British to take over his kingdom.

ii) He never wanted to take over his land.

iii) The British gave guns to Buganda.

Results of Omukama Kabalega’s resistance

  1. Death of people.
  2. There were loss of lives.
  3. Displacement of people.


Mwanga tried to resist colonial rule but he was defeated and fled to Tanganyika.

In Tanganyika by the Germans and he was imprisoned at Mwanza.

On 14th August 1897, Daudi Chwa  was installed as the new king of Buganda.

The young king (1yr) was assisted by three regents (helpers) namely:

  1.  Zakaria Kisingiri
  2. Sir Apollo Kaggwa
  3. Stanislaus Mugwanya


Why is it important for Daudi Chwa II to have regents?

He was too young to rule the kingdom

Mwanga escaped from Mwanza and joined Omukama Kabalega in Lango 9th April, 1899.

Both were captured by the British with the help of Semei Kakungulu.

They were exiled in Seychelles Island in the Indian Ocean.

Mwanga died in 1903 and his body was brought back and buried in 1910 at Kasubi tombs.

Omukama Kabalega accepted to be baptized and he was named “John”

He died in 1923 on his way to Bunyoro Kingdom.

He was succeeded by his son Kitayimba Kamakora.

Reasons why Mwanga resisted British

i) He never wanted the British to take over land.

ii) He never wanted the British to take over his kingdom.


He resisted British rule by forming Lamogi rebellion.

Give reasons why chief Awich formed Lamogi rebellion

  1. The Acholi never wanted to register their guns.
  2. The Acholi never wanted to be disarmed.

What trick did the British use to disarm the Acholi?

  1. They registered their guns.
  2. The Acholi (Chief Awich) acquired the guns from slave trade.

How did the Acholi use the guns acquired from slave trade?

They used the guns to resist British.

They used the guns to resist colonial rule.

Give one reason why resistance against British rule failed in Uganda

i) Native Africans had weak inferior weapons unlike the British.

ii) The British had strong weapons while Africans guns were not.

iii) They were not united


Uganda did not come under the British rule in one day.

How did the British establish their rule in Uganda?

  1. By signing treaties/agreements.
  2. By using military force.
  3. By using force.

In 1890, Fredrick Lugard signed an agreement with Mwanga to put Buganda under the protection of British.

He signed and agreement with Ankole in 1891 putting Ankole under the protection of the British.

In 1894, Colonel Colville the British commissioner bought Bunyoro British by “Force”

In Eastern Uganda the British used Agents to extent the rule.

It took the British much longer to bring Northern Uganda under British rule.

By 1919, most parts of Uganda were under the British rule except Karamoja.

Why was it easy for British to establish their rule in Buganda than northern Uganda?

  1. Buganda had centralized government.
  2. Buganda was well organized.

State  reasons why it took the British so long to bring northern Uganda under control

  1. The people were hostile to British (Hostile tribes).
  2. They were not well organized.

In eastern Uganda the British collaborated to extend the rule.


He was a British collaborator (He was a British agent)

How did Semei Kakungulu help the British

i) He extended British rule in eastern Uganda.

ii) He helped the British to capture Mwanga and Kabalega.

iii)He built roads in eastern Uganda.

iv) He was a British collaborator.

 How did Semei Kakungulu establish British rule in eastern Uganda

i) He built roads in eastern Uganda.

ii) He built administration posts in eastern Uganda.

iii)He signed treaties with the local chiefs

iv) He transferred Buganda’s administration structures in eastern Uganda.




  • Sir William Mackinnon
  • The Indian Coolies
  • Captain Frederick Lugard
  • The Uganda Railway Construction

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