This unit is about the different means of transport

What is transport?

Transport is the movement of people and goods from one place to another.

Types of transport


  1. Means of road transport

Animals used in transport are;

donkeys, horses, camels, some dogs, etc


  1. What is transport?
  2. Identify the four types of transport.
  3. What is the commonest type of transport?
  4. What is the quickest type of transport?
  5. Draw and name any four means of road transport.
  6. Which is the most commonly used type of transport in our community?
  7. Why is it the most commonly used type in our community?

Means used in air transport.

  1. Name any three means of air transport.
  2. Why is air transport not used by many people?
  3. Name Uganda’s international airport.

Ref:     Mk Book 2 page 91-96.

Means of water transport

  1. Why is water transport not commonly used in our community?
  2. Name any four means of water transport
  3. Draw and name any two means of water transport.

Means of Railway transport

Draw the means of railway transport

Match the different people to the means of transport they operate [move]

Engineer or motorman or train driver

captain                                                                     buss, cars, lorries, taxis

driver                                                                         train, ship

cyclists                                                                       jet, aero plane, rocket, helicopter

pilot                                                                            motorcycle, bicycle.



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