S.S.T/P/5: UGANDA AND HER NEIGHBOURS( map of East Africa)

This Unit is about Uganda and Her neigbours.

UGANDA AND HER NEIGHBOURS a ( map of East Africa)


Name neighbours of Uganda

Direction Country Capital City Presidents
North South Sudan Juba Salva Kiir
East Kenya Nairobi Uhuru Kenyatta
South Tanzania Dodoma John Joseph Magufuli
West Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa Joseph Kabila
South West Rwanda Kigali Paul Kagame

Uganda as a land locked country.

What is a land locked county?

  • It is a country without a coastline

 Problems faced by a land locked country

(i)         High taxes are charged on goods (Imports and exports).

(ii)        Goods delay in transit.

(iii)       High transport cost.


  • These are goods brought in to a country from another .eg vehicles, computers etc.


  • These are goods a country sells to another . Coffee, cotton,etc.

What is smuggling of goods

  • This is illegal importation and exportation of goods.

Dangers of smuggling of goods

(i)         It reduces market for locally made goods.

(ii)        It reduces revenue for the government.

(iii)       It leads to importation of expired goods.

iv) It leads to importation of substandard goods.

What is the duty of UNBS?

  • It checks on the quality of imports and goods produced in the country.

What are the duties of URA?

  • It helps the government to collect taxes.
  • Educates people about taxes.

Name two neighbours of Uganda which are land locked.

South Sudan

Why should Uganda have good relationship with her neighbours?

(i)         To promote trade.

(ii)        To get goods she doesn’t have.

(iii)       To get market for her goods.

(iv)       To use the neighbours seaport.

(v)        To promote friendship and cooperation in the country.

How can a land locked country promote international trade?

(i)         By developing railway transport.

(ii)        By using air transport.

(iii)       By promoting friendship and co-operation with her neighbours.

How can landlocked countries overcome the problems they face?

  • They should develop their air transport.
  • They should join regional markets to reduce the taxes they pay.

Seaports Uganda uses

(i)         Mombasa

(ii)        Dar-es Salaam

How does port Mombasa promote trade in Uganda

(i)         It handles Uganda’s imports and exports.

(a)        Which direction is Uganda from Tanzania

Northern direction.

(b)     Which direction is Uganda from Kenya?

It is Western direction

(c)       List down the countries which have international boundaries with Uganda

(i)         Rwanda

(ii)        Republic of South Sudan

(iii)    Tanzania

(iv)       Democratic Republic of Congo

( v)      Kenya


  • We can locate Uganda on a map using latitudes and longitudes.
  • Uganda is found between 290 East of Greenwich and between 10S and 40N

Of the Equator.

(Use primary school atlas).

Latitudes and Longitudes

  • Latitude is the distance North or South of Equator.
  • Lines of latitude: Imaginary lines drawn on a map from East to West.
  • Longitudes: Is the distance East or West of the Equator.
  • The main latitude is the Equator marked O0

Why is the Equator marked O0

(i)         It is the midpoint of the world.

(ii)        It is the point where the measurement of latitude begins.

iii)        It is  the centre line on the globe.

The equator divides the world into two hemispheres

(i)         Northern hemisphere

(ii)        Southern hemisphere

Examples of latitudes

  1. Equator O0.
  2. Tropic of Cancer 23½ N.
  3. Tropic of Capricorn 23½ S.
  4. Artic circle 66½ N.
  5. Antarctic  circle 66½ S.

Countries crossed by the Equator in East Africa

(i)         Uganda

(ii)        Kenya

Other countries in Africa that are crossed by the Equator.

Somalia, DRC ,Gabon, Congo Brazaville(Use the Atlas)



When the sun is over head on the following latitudes

Equator 21st March and 23rd September.

Tropic of Cancer 21st June.

Tropic of Capricorn 22nd December.

Districts in Uganda crossed by the Equator.

(i)         Kasese

(ii)        Masaka

(iii)       Sembabule

(iv)       Mpigi

Equinox.  This is when the sun is over head at the Equator

Lakes in Uganda crossed by the Equator

(i)         Lake George

(ii)        Lake Victoria

Name the mountain in Uganda crossed by the Equator

Mountain Rwenzori

Which East African country is not crossed by the Equator?

Name any two countries within the Southern hemisphere

(i)         Rwanda

(ii)        Tanzania

(iii)       Burundi

Examples of lines  of Longitudes

  • Greenwich Meridian marked O0
  • The city in Africa crossed by the Greenwich is Accra the capital city of Ghana.

Give the importance of international Dateline.

  • It determines days and dates.
  1. Importance of Greenwich Meridian.
  • Helps to tell time./It determines the time zone.

What general name is given to lines of longitude?

  1. Importance of latitudes and longitudes.
  • They are used to locate places on the map.
  1. Importance of latitudes.
  • Help to determine the climate of an area.



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