This Unit is about Uganda as a nation and all the things that represent it.


A Nation

What is a nation A group of people living together within the same geographical and political boundaries under one government.


Homogenous nation-A group of  people who may speak the same language and have the same Swazi of Swaziland and Banyarwanda of Rwanda.

Heterogenous nation Anation made up of different ethnic Uganda

An Independent Country

Is a country free from colonial rule.

Uganda got independence on 9th October.

Characteristics of a state

It has a national leader.

It has its own leader.

It has clearly marked boundaries.

It has a government.

A State

Is an area or community with its own government.

Symbols of a government

i) Uganda National Anthem.

ii) Uganda National Flag.

iii) Uganda National Coat of Arms.

iv) Uganda Nation al Emblem.

v) Uganda National Constitution.

vii) Uganda National Motto.

vii) National currency.

Uganda National Flag


It replaced the British Flag Union Jack.

It was first raised on 9th October 1962.

It was raised by Major Akorimo Kanuti.

Who designed the Uganda Flag?

Grace Ibingira.

Colours of the Uganda Flag


The people of Uganda and Africa.


Abundant sunshine.


It represents brotherhood.


Represents peace.

When is Uganda Flag flown at half mast?

During national  mourning days.

When a very important person has died declared by parliament.

Mention places where the Uganda National flag is flown?

  1. At parliamentary building.
  2. State house.
  3. Bank of Uganda.
  4. Police Station.
  5. At school.
  6. Uganda embassies and high commissions .
  7. Ministry headquaters
  8. International airports.

How to care for the National Flag/How to use it

i) Should not be used to wrap things.

ii) Should not be burnt.

iii)Should not be allowed to touch the ground.

iv) The crested crane should face the pole when it is being flown.

v) Should not be left in rain.

What does the crested crane represent as it is on National Flag?

It symbolizes the national emblem.

Why do Ugandans carry the National Flag when going for Africa Cup of Nations Match

For easy identification.

Importance of the Uganda National Flag

  1. It is a symbol of independence.
  2. It shows patriotism.
  3. It is a symbol of identity.

Why is the National Flag put on the Presidential official car?

For easy identification.



The crested crane was chosen as national symbol.

Characteristics of a crested crane

i) The crested crane is gentle.

ii) The crested crane is peaceful.

iii) The crested crane is humble.

What does the crested crane symbolize to Ugandans?

  1. It symbolizes humbleness of Ugandans.
  2. It symbolizes peacefulness of Ugandans.
  3. It symbolizes gracefulness of Ugandans.
  4. It symbolizes gentility of Ugandans

The crested crane is used on the following government official documents

  1. The National Flag.
  2. The Parliamentary building.
  3. The security flag.
  4. The National New Currencies.
  5. The Hats of police.
  6. The Hats of the army.

Why is crested crane standing on one leg?

  1. It shows that Uganda is still developing.
  2. It shows that Uganda is moving forward in development, has one leader, one government.

The Uganda National Anthem

Our country’s National Anthem was sung first officially on 9th October.

This is when Uganda got independence. George William Kakoma.

Before, Uganda got independence the British anthem was always sung.


Oh Uganda! May God uphold thee.

We lay our future in they hand.

United free for liberty

Together we will always stand.

Oh Uganda! The land of freedom.

Our love and labour we give.

And with neighbours all

At our country call

in and friendship we live.

Oh Uganda! The land that feeds us.

By sun and fertile soil grown.

For our own dear land

We shall always stand

The pearl of Africa’s crown.


In which way do people respect the National Anthem

i) By showing attention.

ii) By standing up right.

iii) The scouts and army salute.

iv) The disabled who cant stand raise up their right arm as they are seated.

Occasions at which the National Anthem are sung

  1. At school assembly.
  2. On independence days
  3. When opening the parliamentary sessions.

Note:  One stanza is sung at the starting of a play in the theatre.

Two stanzas are sung when the president at the function.

Three stanzas are sung when

i) A visiting head of state is present at the function.

ii) When a president dies.

iii) on independence  celebrations.

Importance of national anthem

  1. It is a symbol of a nation.
  2. It is a symbol of independence.
  3. It is a symbol of identification.
  4. It promotes unity among the people.
  5. Expression of love for our country.

Important things that can be learnt from national anthem

i) Believe in one God.

ii) There is unity and freedom in Uganda.

iii) Ugandans are living in peace with neighbours.

iv) It reminds Ugandans of fertile soils.

v) It reminds Ugandans about cool climate.

vi) Ugandans are obedient people.

vii) Determination to remain free from foreign control.

What are the similarities between the motto and the Uganda first verse?

Both show that Uganda is a God fearing country.

Why should Ugandans stand up right when the national anthem is being sung

Respect our nation

Uganda National Motto


Importance of Uganda Motto

  1. It was a symbol of a National identity.
  2. It creates a sense of belonging.

Lessons of the National Motto

Uganda is a God fearing country.

National Coat of Arms

coat of arms

  1. It was designed by Mzee Paul Mukasa.
  2. It is put on the official car of the president.
  3. It is printed on national currency.

What does the coat of arms represent?

It represents political, cultural,  social and economic aspects of a country.

Features on Coat Arms

Crested Crane

i) It symbolizes peacefulness of Ugandans.

ii) It symbolizes humbleness of Ugandans.

iii)It symbolizes gentility of Ugandans.

iv) It symbolizes the gentleness of Ugandans.

The Kob

Symbolizes wildlife.

The Drum

It represents traditional means of communications.

It represents culture and entertainment.

The Shield and Spears

Represents traditional weapons for defence.

The Blue strips on top of the shield

Represents lakes and rivers.

The Blue strips

Represents the source of the River Nile.

Green colour

Represents savanna vegetation.

The Sun

It represents abundant sunshine.

Represents tropical climate.

Cotton and Coffee

Represents Ugandan traditional cash crops.

Shows Uganda’s is agricultural country.

Black Colour

Represents Black Africans.

National Motto

It shows Uganda is a God fearing country.

Importance of National Coat of Arms

It is a symbol of independence.

It is a symbol of nation

Other  things which show we are a nation

National language

Language commonly spoken by majority of the people in a country.


Easy communication

Creates unity among the people.

National capital city

It serve as administrative centre,commercial centre,communication centre,education centre.

The National Independence Monument

A Child

It represents a New Nation Uganda was born.

Official document with National Independence

National currency.

It was unveiled by Dr. Apollo Milton Obote

Importance of National Monument.

It is a sign of independence.

It was designed by Gregory Maloba





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