This is helps pupils learn how to use neither... nor in English grammar

It is used before a singular noun or pronoun to mean –not one and not the other one. It is followed by a singular verb and sometimes a plural verb. It is negative in form and it should not be followed by a negative.

Study the table below

Tom doesn’t know the answer. Moses doesn’t know the answerNeither Tom nor Moses knows the answer.
The monitor didn’t attend classes. The head prefect didn’t attend classes.Neither the monitor nor the head prefect attends the classes.
The boys have not come for lunch. The girls have not come for lunch.Neither the boys nor the girls have come for lunch.
John is not clever. John is not handsome.John is neither clever nor handsome.
She does not write well. She doesn’t read fluently.She neither writes well nor reads fluently.
He is not a manager at the bank. He is not a cashier at the bank.Neither is he a manager nor a cashier at the bank.
Namubiru will not withdraw the money from her account. Namubiru will not deposit her money on her accountNamubiru will neither withdraw money nor deposit it on her account.



Rewrite the following sentences using …………neither………….nor…………/Neither………..nor…………………

  1. You don’t know the calculation of that number. I don’t know the calculation of that number.
  2. My mother can’t read and write.
  3. Jinja is not a capital city of Uganda. Eden is not a capital city of Uganda.
  4. The head master is not to blame. The class teacher is not to blame.
  5. She didn’t apologize and she didn’t explain.
  6. He doesn’t eat pork. He doesn’t eat fish.
  7. Both the cat and the dog have not been fed.
  8. The bicycle is not mine and it is not yours.
  9. The diagram is not large and it is not bright.
  10. Uganda and Kenya have not been ruled by Portuguese
  11. He said that he would not do it and he would not teach them.
  12. The children and the parents were not invited at the teacher’s party.
  13. The teachers have not completed writing reports. They have not yet completed teaching the syllabus.
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