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'Here is a collection of different tools and tutorials journalists can use to produce good quality videoJournalism training site for multimedia and online journalists


Guides and Tutorials

NEW! Mindy McAdams’s new, improved Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

iMovie users: See “iMovie Help” below

Make Internet TV: A guide to how to do almost anything with video

Video Tips for Still Photographers, by Regina McCombs (one-page PDF)

Top 10 Mistakes of Rookie Filmmakers, by videographer Bill Pryor

Shooting on the Go: Avoid shaking, jumpy video by learning how to steady your camera — without a tripod

Filmmaker’s Tool Kit: Creating a Movie with Web 2.0: Advice about many free online tools for production and post-production

Production School — MetaCafe: A lot (really a LOT) of nice, SHORT tutorials, on video, about video

Teaching Tools

Download seven video clips to use in editing a sequence: Video Examples

Five Shots, 10 Seconds: Use the five-shot method and the 10-second rule to shoot video that is easy to edit!

Blogs and Discussion Forums

Unlocking iMovie ’09 — Lots of help here (see also Unlocking iMovie ’08)

News Videographer — Angela Grant’s blog

VideoJournalism — Cyndy Green’s blog

Mastering Multimedia — Colin Mulvany’s blog

Newspaper Video — discussion forum on Yahoo! groups

Windows Movie Maker Tutorials

Mindy McAdams’s new, improved Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (you can view it at Slideshare)

Step by step guide: How to convert an MOV file to AVI for use in WMM

From Microsoft, but good anyway:

If you are using Windows Vista, see this page for Windows Movie Maker help

iMovie Help

NEW: iMovie 09 Basics (PDF, 1 MB) Version 1.2
Covers basic video editing and how to export in several important formats.

The key to getting control of editing with iMovie is to use the “Precision Editor” feature.

Note that iMovie ’09 is significantly better than iMovie ’08, so it’s worth it to upgrade iLife if you have the ’08 version.

The version of iMovie after 09 is iMovie 11. I have not used it yet!

More useful tips for editing with iMovie:

Massive Resource Site

Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro: More than just FCP tutorials; also audio, DVD burining, hardware reviews, compression tips — and more!

 New tutorial: Windows Live Movie Maker

As an aid to a journalism training session I agreed to give, I created a short PowerPoint that is aimed at journalism students.

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial

Windows Live Movie Maker is quite different from its predecessor — Windows Movie Maker (not “live”). It is less versatile in several ways. To answer my own questions about WLMM, I did quite a lot of searching on the Web. To spare others the trouble and share the answers I found, I made a two-page PDF with links:

Windows Live Movie Maker Tips (PDF, 128 KB)

If you have any helpful WLMM links to suggest, please add a comment.



Examples of interactive video

Examples of interactive web online documentary




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