Robotics Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Tiffany Hightower

Tiffany is a certified elementary school teacher. She has a B.A. in English, education certification and a master's degree in education from Central Michigan University.

Robotics is a fascinating part of science. It helps to make work and your life easier. Continue reading to learn interesting information about the exciting world of robotics.

What is Robotics?

Do you have chores to do around your house? You probably have to do them before you can have fun outside or play indoors. Some of your chores may include making your bed, taking out the trash, washing dishes or sweeping the floor. What if you had a robot that could do all of these chores for you? That way, you can get straight to playing and having fun!

Well, scientists and engineers have the same ideas. They've discovered that robots can be created to help with jobs and tasks that are important in businesses, medical care, cleaning and many other areas. The creation of robots makes it easier to get complicated, tough or boring work done for people. These discoveries are part of robotics. Robotics is the branch of science focused on learning about and creating robots or machines that can do work.

Why is Robotics Important?

Robotics is important because it creates a variety of robots, or machines, that can do important work that keeps us healthy and makes jobs easier. Doctors in the healthcare field use robotics to help perform surgeries that save lives. The automobile industry uses robots to build cars step by step. You even have robots in your home! Your washing machine is a robot that does a simple task--cleaning clothes--that would take humans much longer to do.

The robotic rover named Curiosity explores Mars and sends images back to Earth.
Robot Used in Outer Space

Robotics also plays an important role in exploring space and the sea. Some areas of outer space are too dangerous for astronauts to explore on their own. As a result, robots were created to explore other planets and take pictures and videos to help us to learn more. Robots can also explore very deep parts of the ocean and provide us with important information.

Who Creates Robots?

Engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians create robots. Some may have a robotics invention that they create on their own. However, these experts often work together to design, build, program and create robots as well as the electrical or solar power sources that allow robots to move and function.

Kids can also have fun with robotics! You can do this by designing and building robots during science experiments or by playing with cool robotics toys.

Scientists created this robot named Enon, which works as a personal assistant.

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