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Yaaka is the No.1 provider of online courses and classes. Experience the best of digital learning




You can become an instructor on Yaaka and start earning money from courses you put and charge for. We have built the best system for you to put in course materials in text, audio, video, graphics etc and you can teach students from any part of the world without moving from where you are. This is your chance to teach and shine light to students beyond the campus where you teach and earn more income. Achieve the financial freedom and countrywide influence in the education sector. Teach anytime anywhere you want and charge what you want

We have built Yaaka with the best technology to enable you set up a class, prices, avail content (even metered access), put up quizzes, assignments, mark coursework and issue badges or certificates. You can teach and certify your learners from right there where you are. You can schedule live video classes, times when you chat live with your learners, or answer their questions in the discussion forums or group you create for them. Teach and interact with your students in ways that will make then learn better and make you a superstar teacher