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UMC Research

Access Research data and reports by Ultimate Multimedia Consult

You can access research reports and research data on studies about Media and communications measurement across the platforms.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult in 2018 started an initiative to study comparative communications efforts by different organizations, media coverage and engagement across all media platforms so as to better inform theory and practice of communications and journalism (build on the body of knowledge). We also intend to study the media coverage and online conversations on public interest issues like health, education, agriculture, good governance, economic empowerment, refugees etc.

This communications monitoring research effort is expected to lead to the availability of knowledge which will help in better decision making and formulation of policies relating to communications and influencing people. We plan to study and produce reports routinely.

In addition to presenting the comparative metrics, the research reports provide tips/recommendations on how organisations can improve on their media presence, engagement and communications impact or outcomes in line with current best practices. It also helps the industry access facts and information on how issues/organizations are being covered in the media. Our researches also helps media houses to understand which issues they cover and how they are covered and whether they are in-tune with ongoing conversations on the different issues.

We believe it is crucial to carry out media monitoring and evaluation for comparative organizational communications efforts per sector/issue and media coverage in order to:

  1. To help organisations understand the outcomes, impact, reach of their communications efforts as well as frequency of their media coverage and mentions.
  2. To listen to and measure conversations people are having about particular organizations, brands, or issues of public interest e.g. education, agriculture, health, democracy, etc
  3. Through analyzing these conversations, help companies/organizations identify issues, serve customers, handle crises, identify comparators and potential partnerships
  4. Understand more about public/ consumer sentiments on specific messages and generally
  5. Present the current best practices and tactics for communicating and engaging within tradition and new media platforms in order to generate better communication outcomes.
  6. Generate a report to be discussed in a Communicating Effectively Today workshop
  7. To inform UMC multimedia journalism and communication training and UMC services with current industry practices and gaps in media and communication.


We are hoping that you as an organization, journalist, trainer or communications practitioner, you will find these report and others to come in future series useful guides and reality checks for you message development, planning, communication strategies and measurement/ assessment.

The reports are available free below while research data sets and reports you can copy from are available for members only. You can become a member by subscribing with $100 a year.