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This content has been written and uploaded in line with the revised subject syllabus. The knowledge and skills which have been incorporated are what is partly required to produce a learner who has the competences that are required in the 21st century.

This has been done by providing a range of activities which will be conducted both within and outside the classroom setting. The learner is expected to be able to work as an individual, in pairs and groups according to the nature of the activities.

The teacher, as a facilitator, will prepare what the learners are to learn and this textbook is one of the materials which are to be used to support the teaching and learning process.

This digital content provides a course in Geography for Senior One, the first year of Secondary school. You should study all chapters of this course. The course has been written, uploaded and optimized following the revised Geography Syllabus for Lower Secondary.

This digital content is based on an interactive approach to learning. This means that you are expected to learn the geography in this course by doing the activities in each chapter, not just by listening to the teacher or reading the content. The activities are an important part of the course because you will not be able to learn the ideas well unless you do all the activities.

The Senior One Learner’s digital content course consists of nine chapters and each chapter will assist you to understand other chapters ahead. So read the chapters following the order of the course.

As you use this digital content course, you will learn about the nature of Geography as a new subject and the importance of studying it. You are also going to learn how Geography is related to other subjects you are going to study in secondary school. So learning Geography will assist you to understand other subjects in a better way.

In addition, this digital content will teach you many skills such as drawing, reading and using maps; collecting and communicating information about an  area; reading and interpreting pictures and others. You are going to find these useful in your day-to-day activities including in your life after the course and after school in general.

Course Curriculum

    • GEO1: CHAPTER ONE FREE 1 year
    • In this chapter, you are going to learn the meaning of geography and the importance of studying it. This will help you make proper plans for using your environment and to give advice to other people about occupations and careers related to geography.Activity of Integration – Chapter One150:02
    • GEO1: CHAPTER TWO 1 year
    • Geography Senior One, Chapter two, Understanding mapsActivity of Integration – Chapter Two150:02
    • GEO1: CHAPTER THREE 1 year
    • Geography Senior One, Unit ThreeActivity of Integration – Chapter Three05:00
    • GEO1: CHAPTER FOUR 1 year
    • In this chapter, you are going to learn how and where you can find geographical information. After reading about and using the different sources of geographical information, you will be able to suggest which source is most important and why.Activity of Integration – Chapter Four150:02
    • GEO1: CHAPTER FIVE 1 year
    • The Earth and Its MovementsActivity Of Integration – Chapter Five150:02
    • GEO1: CHAPTER SIX 1 year
    • Chapter Six - Weather and ClimateActivity Of Integration – Chapter Six150:02
    • GEO1: CHAPTER SEVEN 1 year
    • Location, Size and Relief Regions of East AfricaActivity Of Integration – Chapter Seven150:02
    • GEO1: CHAPTER EIGHT 1 year
    • Formation of Major Landforms and Drainage in East AfricaActivity Of Integration – Chapter Eight150:02
    • GEO1: CHAPTER NINE 1 year
    • Climate and Natural Vegetation of East AfricaActivity Of Integration – Chapter Nine300:05
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