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This course is English Primary Four and it is done after finishing English Primary Three.

This course makes you improve your English as it builds more on the units that are studied in Primary Three.

It has topics like Adverbs, Punctuation among other things.

Course Curriculum

English verbs and tensesFREE 01:00:00
A course on tenses and verbs in the English Language
English verbs and tenses assignment10, 00:00
English Composition -P.4FREE 03:00:00
Basics of English composition taught in primary four
English Composition -P.4 assignment10, 00:00
Primary Four Punctuation 03:00:00
Punctuation Lessons for Primary Four Pupils
Primary Four Punctuation assignment10, 00:00
Lessons in intepretation – P.4 02:00:00
Lesson in interpreting phenomenon. Comprehension involves understanding and understanding cannot happen without us interpreting the things we see, hear, taste, smell and touch
Lessons in intepretation – P.4 assignment10, 00:00
Articles 00:00:00
English is spoken with the articles "a", "an", "the". This unit takes us through the proper usage of those articles
Articles assignment10, 00:00
English Nouns – P.4 10:00:00
This is a lesson through the various English Nouns for Primary Four Kids in Uganda
English Nouns – P.4 assignment10, 00:00
English Adverbs -P.4 03:00:00
Adverbs are words that describe actions
English Adverbs -P.4 assignment10, 00:00

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