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This Unit is about the alphabetical order.


Arranging words in alphabetical order i.e re-writing words in ABC order e.g apple, ball, cat, and dog.

  • cup, door, bag, axe

axe,  bag,  cup,  door

  • man, lady, woman, girl, boy

boy, girl, lady, man, woman

  • house, elephant, door, glass, frog

door, elephant, frog, glass, house


 Capital letters

Capital letters can be used to begin a sentence, to write names of people, cities, towns, villages and names of places e.g hospitals, markets etc.

e.g My friend lives at Namasuba.

The capital city of Uganda is Kampala.

his name is James.  – His name is James.

I am going to Owino market.  – I am going to Owino market.

Punctuation marks

a comma (,)

A comma is a mark used to divide up sentences e.g My mother bought oranges, tomatoes, onions and meat.

As I was going to school, I saw a lion.

On my way to town, I met a mad man.

full stop (.)

This mark is used to show the end of a sentence or indicates where the sentence ends. E.g I am going to Kampala.

This is a book.

She is sweeping a house.

My doll is lost.

question mark (?)

This is a mark used at the end of a sentence asking a question. E.g where are you going?

Who is crying?

Why are you beating her?

What is your name?

How old are you?

Is she your sister?