This unit talks about authority and states how they used be applied in our daily lives.

Authority and freedom

  • Authority is having rightful power/control over the people.
  • Freedom is not being under control of someone else.

Types of authority

  • Divine authority – authority possessed by only God.
  • Apostolic authority – messianic power Jesus gave to the church.
  • Marital authority – authority husbands have over their wives.
  • Civil authority – the power civic leaders have over their people.
  • Symbolic authority – authority received from particular objects e.g. constitution.

Proper use of authority and freedom (Romans 13:1-17)

  • To keep law and order.
  • To defend people’s rights.
  • For caring for the needy.
  • For promoting unity.
  • For creating peace.

Misuse of authority and freedom.

  • Leaders mistreat the people they lead.
  • Leaders embezzle public funds.

Ways people misuse freedom:

Image result for Ways people misuse freedom:

  • Through dressing badly.
  • Through the use of obscene words on radio shows.
  • Through abusing people on radios
  • Through abusing offices they work in.

Relationship between freedom and authority:

  • Both are God given.
  • Authority affects the use of freedom and freedom affects the use of Authority.
  • The misuse of both authority and freedom breeds evil.

Biblical teachings on authority and freedom (Titus 3:1, Rom 13:1-17, Matt 22:15-22, Mark 10:42-45)

  • The Bible teaches that all authority comes from God.
  • The Bible teaches that a leader needs to be the servant of the people he/she leads.
  • The Bible teaches that a great leader should give freedom to his/her people.

Responsibilities of leaders:

  • To guide people
  • To protect people
  • To promote unity among people.
  • Mobilize people for development.

Lessons from Jesus’ perfect use of freedom and authority (John 13:5)

  • He used it to benefit all people
  • He used it to solve problems/difficulties.
  • He used it to serve others.


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