This Unit introduces you to quizzes and has steps to be followed when doing them.

Welcome to Yaaka Quizzes/ Exams. This article has been created to help you understand how to work on quizzes/ exams or academic tests within this platform.

You must be a registered member and login in to take a quiz (you can register on website or on Yaaka DN mobile apps for android and IoS.

The quizzes are designed as tests or exams to help you measure your understanding of a particular subject.  There should be a quiz at the end of every course on Yaaka. Some quizzes are for national examinations (primary seven, senior, senior six and as such a course can contain only quizzes (exams) of a particular subject.

UNEB past paper Quizzes are usually of different subjects and are provided  separate in many different years.

Click on the particular quiz to launch it, then click start quiz or blue button on app. Click on next to go to next question, or swipe to the left on app to proceed to next question.

Some quiz questions have answers while others dont. Those with answers give you chance to cross check the answer after attempting the question (on app) or see all answers at the end.

Note that while some quizzes are for helping you test yourself on a particular subject, some quizzes are end of course exams and you must read and prepare well before attempting the quiz. You will need to achieve the pass mark (usually 60%) for you to earn a certificate in that course. Some quizzes exams need to be submitted and marked by an instructor while some can be auto marked if answers (objective time or short answer) were input.

Please note that like a test or exam, quizzes are timed and must be finalised in a given time frame. As such, some quizzes exams may be available at only particular times that the instructor has set so that all learners take them at the same time.

You can retake a quiz (course exam) as many times as the instructor allows, but mostly only two retakes are allowed.

To check your results, go to your profile (hover at Name or username), courses and then results or check your inbox as system sends you message once you submit the quiz. You can see a summary of your score/performance in each course quiz you have attempted. You can select one quiz at a time to view your answers to each question in that quiz and respective marks obtained.

If you have read and understood  these instructions, you can jump this first unit in the next set of quizzes/ exams.

We hope you enjoy the quizzes/exams/ tests on Yaaka, the best Digital Learning platform.

Best of Luck.

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