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Personal Hygiene-p.1

This unit is about Personal Hygiene and the items used to keep our bodies clean

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is the cleanliness of our body.

Items used in keeping our bodies clean.

Sponge, comb, water, soap, basin, toothbrush, etc.


Ref:     Understanding integrated Science book 2 page 12.

           MK Primary English book 2 pages 16-17.

Importance of Personal Hygiene

We practice personal hygiene to:-

  • kill germs
  • prevent bad body smell
  • remove dirt
  • prevent skin diseases
  • to be smart
  • to be healthy

Dangers of not practicing personal hygiene.

  • We get tooth decay
  • We get skin diseases
  • We get germs and fall sick
  • We get bad body

Ways of keeping our bodies clean.

-We wash our face.

-We comb our hair

-We cut our nails and hair short.

-We brush our teeth

-We bathe our body