This unit talks about shows why prayers are important,different forms of prayers,when to pray and how.

How to communicate to God:

  • Through praying

How God communicates

  • Through the Bible
  • Through vision
  • Through prophets
  • Through priests.


A prayer is a way of communicating to God

Types of prayers:

  • Prayers of praise: – prayers said to glorify God (Exodus 15:1-8)
  • Thanksgiving prayers- prayers said to thank God (Psalms 138)
  • Confessional prayers: prayers said to request God for forgiveness (Psalms 51:19, 2Samuel 12:13)
  • Petition prayers: prayers said to request our bodily and spiritual needs or present a problem to God
  • Intercessional prayers – prayers said to request God to meet other people’s needs.

Importance of prayers:

  • They help us to come closer to God.
  • They help us to control our emotions.
  • They help us to talk to God.
  • They help us to find relief in times of stress and sorrow.

Reasons why Christians pray:

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  • To thank God
  • To praise God
  • To confess our sins.
  • To ask for protection.

Ways of praying (Matt. 6:5-7, 18/19, Mark 1:35, Acts 10:46)

  • Praying silently – praying in privacy without using words.
  • Praying loudly – praying together loudly in a group (public praying)

Forms of a loud prayer

  • Loud prayer from memory
  • Loud prayer from a prayer book.
  • Singing hymns together.

Principles of follow during a prayer

  • Have faith
  • Be humble before God.
  • Turn the whole mind to God.
  • Turn your desires/needs to God.

When should a Christian pray?

  • When he/she is in need.
  • At anytime
  • When he/she is in joy or sorrow.

Times for common prayers

Morning time:

  • To thank God for the protection at night.
  • To thank God for the new day.

Night time:

  • To confess the sins committed during day.
  • To ask for protection during

Before meals:

  • Ask God to bless the meal.
  • Thank God for providing the meal

During difficult times.

  • To ask God for protection.

Time of joy

  • To glorify God.

Ways of getting to know God better:

  • We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to know God.

Ways the Holy Spirit guides us to know God

  • He makes you to recognize that God loves you.
  • He makes one to admit that he/she is a sinner and needs God’s help.
  • He makes one to recognize that he/she belongs to God’s family (church)
  • He makes one to accept Jesus as a personal Saviour.
  • He makes one to be committed to serve God.

Some of the ways of serving God

  • By praying
  • By reading the Bible
  • By meditating
  • By fasting

The book of Psalms

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  • Was written by king David
  • Contains prayers.

Types of prayers in the book of Psalms

  • Confessional prayers (Psalms 32:5)
  • Thanksgiving prayers (Psalms 38)
  • Petition prayers (Psalms 6:1-2)

Jesus’ teaching on a prayer (Matt. 6:9-13)

  • The prayer Jesus taught his apostles is called the Lord’s Prayer.

Lessons that we learn from the Lord’s Prayer:

  • To praise God
  • To request God for our daily needs.
  • To ask God for forgiveness.
  • To ask God to protect us from evil.
  • To forgive others.

Reasons why Jesus prayed.

  • To get food (Luke 8:6)
  • To forgive his enemies (Luke 23:33-34)
  • To know Gods will (Matt. 26:42)
  • To ask for strength and courage. (Matt. 26:39)

Places where Jesus prayed from

  • Gethsemane (Matt. 26:39-42)
  • On top of the hill (Mark 6:46)
  • At the grave yard (John 11:41-43)


  • Praying must be with faith.
  • Never to doubt that God is listening to our prayers.
  • To pray with all our soul, heart and mind.
  • Prayers can be said in any place.

ASSIGNMENT : PRAYERS-P.7 assignment MARKS : 10  DURATION : 2 days

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