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All Saints University, Lango was established through a Provisional License issued by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) on 3rd March 2008. The idea of establishing All Saints University – Lango was first conceived in 1963, but due to various changes that occurred in Uganda, it was not possible for it to take-off.

All Saints University has three faculties (Faculty of Business Administration and Management, Faculty of Social Science and Faculty of Education), which provide daytime, evening and weekend lecture programmes to an expected student body of 250 undergraduates, diploma, professional and certificate students (2009/2010). It is planned that other Faculties (especially Agriculture and other Sciences) will also be established in the near future.


The university is located on Adoko Road, in the southeastern part of the city of Lira, in Lira District, Northern Uganda, approximately 270 kilometres (170 mi), by road, north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.



 Approved Guidelines

The Academic Year shall be composed of 2 Semesters (and/or eight Recess periods) and that programmes be designed per year (Semester I and Semester II, Year 1, etc.).

Length of Semester

  • The length of a Semester shall be seventeen (17) weeks, with fifteen weeks being for   teaching and two (2) weeks for examinations.
  • The duration of a Recess Term shall be five (5) weeks plus weekends, and most Faculties which have Recess Term use it for field work and practical.
  • Weekend and Recess program shall consists of weekend (Saturdays and Sundays and recess period (school holidays) comprising of six (6) hours of lectures per day (from 8.30am – 5.00pm) totally equivalent of 17 weeks, with 15 weeks for teaching and two (2) weeks examination

Programme Composition

Each programme shall be composed of Courses. (NB The concepts of subjects and papers shall not be used). The programme design has to compare favourably with similar international disciplines.

 Registration Time

There shall not be a specific time period set aside for registration exclusively. Instead, students shall be informed to ensure that they have registered by a certain ultimate deadline, at least three weeks from the beginning of a Semester. However a Faculty may set aside one day for registration.

However, the Orientation Week for Freshers shall be maintained during, which Freshers are inducted and guided on the University programmes and regulations and may register. Continuing Students shall indicate the courses they would take in the second Semester while still in their first Semester then have the first week in the beginning of the second Semester to confirm the Courses they would study.

No student shall register for a course and/or examination with another institution without prior written permission of the Academic Registrar.

The name in which the candidate shall be registered shall be that which appears on the candidate’s document offered as an entry qualification.


As of August 2012, the university maintains three Faculties:

The following degree courses are offered at the university:[10]

Faculty of Business Administration and Management
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Social Sciences

In addition to the degree courses, the university offers many diploma and certificate courses in the same or related fields.


St. Augustine Community Center,

Plot No.70-75  Obote Avenue,

P.O Box 32, Lira,

Lira Municipality,

Northern Uganda